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    s3 / tt coilovers

    super. just swapped the s3 for a TT roadster, so swapping all bits over. picking it up saturday morning, come saturday evening itll be decked sat on 18" splits!
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    s3 / tt coilovers

    Anyone know if the coilovers on my 225 s3, will fit a 225 TT? Cheers :thumbsup:
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    The Sweet thread.

    hahaha i knew i was right! :moa:
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    The Sweet thread.

    Whatever happened to those lush Minstrel-like sweets called Vice Versas? Vice Versas were produced by Nestlé and were introduced in 1991. They were the same shape and size as Minstrels, but were far more exciting to eat. You had white-shelled ones with milk chocolate inside and chocolate...
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    The Sweet thread.

    whatever happened to visa versas? i still remember the tv advert, so i know i havnt made them up!
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    quattro or not

    i love how when people say they have the 210, they always feel the need to follow it up with "it maps the same as a 225" lol
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    Tranction control light and ABS light

    mine has same problem. was the abs module. and a big bill £££
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    Why not to go to Audi for an MOT

    did they write it off and offer you a deal on a spanking a3?
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    r32 front brakes

    what size are they? 332 is it?
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    r32 front brakes

    yeah i dont expect them to be as good as brembo's, but then im not gonna be paying pay brembo prices either.
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    r32 front brakes

    been offered some very cheap calipers, disks, and pads from an r32. are they much better than my standard s3's? im needing new disks and pads anyway, so would it be worth paying a bit extra for the r32's? is this worth doing at all?
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    189mph A3

    double the revs doesnt equate to double the speed mate.
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    s3 30mm lowered?

    each corner sat at different heights.
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    Tie Bars: How long without them?

    ive not had any for months and months, seem to be wearing ok. not perfect but ok. each to their own i suppose
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    FK springs... opinions and advice please!!!

    the rear sits higher because its supposed to. you will struggle to find a kit which will lower back more than front.
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    s3 30mm lowered?

    i bought the kw spring / damper kit at first. wasnt happy. sat funny. sent them back and went for coilovers.
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    ABS Module

    :( oh dear :blownose: How about the same as golf 4 motion then? or a3 quattro? they just sound cheaper than one for a s3 lol cheers pal
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    ABS Module

    As above. Need one for my 2002 s3. Just wondering if there model specific? or will any golf, a3, s3, leon etc work? cheers guys :bye:
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    remaps...whos the best?

    once the revo map is on, is it still possible to re write the map? Just asking because of the issues off the free trial, and not being able to write over it apparently? any one shed some light?
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    tt wishbones

    was looking at replacing the rubbers in my wishbone, but apparently cant as there a single forged piece, same as tt. :s