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  1. RSgeoff

    For Sale Set of 4 pot front brembos and rears for A4/A5 B8/B8.5

    Where are you located in UK? Are there any pads with front calipers?
  2. RSgeoff

    Side trim/skirt help

    Could you do me a favour please - I need to know how long that is ?
  3. RSgeoff

    Length of side cill strips?

    Hi can anyone help me please - on some of the S line / black edition models they got strips on the side cills to make it look a bit sportier - I need to know what length they are please?
  4. RSgeoff

    For Sale 2007 Audi RS4 (B7)

    2007 Daytona Grey for sale - Immaculate car inside and out. Recently had a 2 day detail with Gtechnic products which lasts for 2 years. Alloys recently refurbished / as new. Great tyres. All common issues have been sorted (at 52k miles - New oil cooler & pipes / DRC sorted / Full carbon clean /...
  5. RSgeoff

    2.0 Petrol or Diesel (Coupe Quattro Manual)

    Hi I took a 2.0 TDi out yesterday and was underwhelmed compared to the petrol model hence it's now ruled out. Not interested in the 3.0 as it only comes with automtic gbox.
  6. RSgeoff

    2.0 Petrol or Diesel (Coupe Quattro Manual)

    Hi - I used to have a 2013 A5 TFSi coupe (225bhp) quattro black edition / manual gearbox and im currently after another one (newer 2015 ish model) however there are very few around. I'm therefore considering the 190bhp tdi as an alternative - will there be a big difference in performance (i'd...
  7. RSgeoff

    Some nice Glossy's/Exploded diagrams

    Great info, thanks
  8. RSgeoff

    S1 17'' original wheels - what are the worth?

    Got any pics?
  9. RSgeoff

    On the way to Vegas tomorrow...

    I'm looking to change my alloys in the next few weeks (car has the std 18" diamond cut black alloys from the S1 competition pack) if you're interested. They're immaculate / brand new.
  10. RSgeoff

    S1 Spotters thread

    Just spotted a lush red one tonight when I got in and opened my garage door.:yes:
  11. RSgeoff

    DTUK Tuning & Pedal Box For Sale

    Why are you selling?
  12. RSgeoff


    RSgeoff - Geoff - South Shields
  13. RSgeoff

    Post Pics Of Your S1's In Here

    Been wanting one of these since they first came out (Had a lot (15) of Mitsubishi Evo's over the last 18 years and hoping this will finally keep me from them!!)
  14. RSgeoff

    Driving modes / exhaust noise

    Cheers guys - just got my S1 yesterday :-)
  15. RSgeoff

    Driving modes / exhaust noise

    Hi - i'm looking to buy an S1 in the near future but can't find any info on what the 3 different driving modes do? Can anyone help on this and more specifically is the exhaust quieter in normal mode then in sport mode? Cheers...........Geoff
  16. RSgeoff

    S1 Launch Tomorrow

    So tempted to chop my A5 in for one of these - will go to the dealers and see what they can do.
  17. RSgeoff

    Debating a 3.0 TDI Quattro A5 Coupe...

    What about the TFSi? I get about 28 around town and 38 on a run / 400 miles to a tank. (Have done 12000 miles in last 6 months)
  18. RSgeoff

    Software update for Power Steering - not happy !

    Nothing they can do about my car - the software update basically adds more weight to the steering in the dead ahead position - I don't like it but have no option than to put up with it.
  19. RSgeoff

    Software update for Power Steering - not happy !

    It's going back in on Monday for them to have another look and they're giving me an identical one to take for the day in its place.
  20. RSgeoff

    Software update for Power Steering - not happy !

    I had the car (New A5 TFSi) in for it's first service a few weeks ago and they informed me it would need a software update for the power steering. I asked what the problem was (as I love the light / sharp feel of the steering) and they said there was a problem at the dead ahead in winter...