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    REVO Carbon intake FL

    I installed REVO carbon intake. No problems encountered during assembly. The carbon quality is excellent. I changed the REVO panel filter with K & N panel filter. For me it is much better with K & N filter than REVO filter, I seem to have better performance and a more beautiful and strong...
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    Facelift Broken FL engines

    On the Italian market 6 engines were broken on RS3 FL. It seems that it is known in Audi as the new engines are already ready in stock ready for replacement. Detect crankshaft bearing bushing and piston breakage. On the UK market there were no breakages?
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    Facelift Mak Nurburg Wheels

    I purchased MAK NURBURG 8 x19 ET 42 cab 57.1 gloss black. You can use original cap. I am satisfied .
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    Facelift Tuning DVX performance

    Tired of waiting for stage 1 Revo output I installed stage 1 of the DVX performance. http://dvxperformanc.../6149/25-tfsi/1 I am very satisfied . Torque and power output very linear. Cars very much flow in the driving. Stranding the ability to take turns. In addition the tuning also unlocks...
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    EBC Redstuff Front Brake Pads for Audi RS3 8V 2016

    DP31513/3C This code includes 8 pads? 4 for right caliper and 4 for left caliper? Or should I order 2 of this code?
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    my experience with REVO tuning

    I want to let you know my experience with REVO tuning. In January of this year I upload REVO stage 1. On my own car I had already mounted Forge intercooler and Miltek secondary decat. I was very pleased. The maximum power is increased by 10 hp, the maximum torque increased by 14 kgm. In March...
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    warning light with Miltek sport cat 200 cel

    I was not satisfied with revo stage 2 beta so I refilled the REVO stage 1. The problem that the Miltek sports cat turns on warning ligt . Stage 1 unfortunately does not hold off spy. Can you recommend an emulator?
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    I disassembled module MTM Cantronic and installed map REVO Stage 1. I am pleased with the Stage 1 REVO. Note :on my RS3 is installed the intercooler Forge. REVO VS STOCK REVO VS MTM
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    REVO Stage 2

    Here in Italy there are rumors for a stage 2 of the REVO. Contacted Italian importer and this did not contradict it, but did not give me some information about. Do you have any news if indeed REVO is preparing stage 2?
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    controlling exhaust valves

    I suggest the following change to command opening of the exhaust valves the change is to break the cable that sends signals to the valves. with a switch I apologize for my bad English ... better to put some pictures in order to get to the cable to be detected. This is place near the bonnet...
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    Ciao from Italy

    Hello everyone from Italy. I follow a long time your forum where I get a lot of useful information. I currently hold a audi S3 8v (although the Italian tax system is very heavy on this model). I am very satisfied (this is the second Audi S3 8V). I hope to give my little contribution and excuse...