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    Vag Union Saturday 18th October Salford Quays

    Anyone fancies coming across to the VAG Union meet at Salford Quays on Saturday 18th October. Starts at 3pm and it'll be held in the large car park next to Chiquitos off Trafford Road.
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    Off to have the brakes fixed

    That's the RS3 dropped off and the S4 courtesy car picked up! My cars being taken down to the Milton Keynes Audi technical centre to have the first "brake fix" in the UK applied. It's not been released to the general public as yet as Audi want to try and roll out a full fix program in the next...
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    Brake judder

    Yesterday i came across the 'well known' delayed brake pedal feel whilst in the wet on the twisties around Wales which tbh was pretty damn un nerving however i also felt slight vibration through the pedal. It was a bit drier on the journey home so i pushed on a little only to find that under a...
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    Tough choice RS3 to RS5 ? Opinions?

    I've got a bit of a dilemma and would like fellow petrol head/RS3 Owners opinions as tbh i'm not sure.. (Apologies if you've read it on FB) I've been offered an RS5 as a replacement to the RS3, The car in question is fully loaded however 2yrs old and has 25k on the clock. Residuals on an RS5...
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    The RS3 and Dynolicious result

    Had the Dynolicious app since it came out.... never used it on the RS3....:wtf: Anyway here are the settings i'm using: Weight: 3472lbs Drivetrain loss: 18% Mods: Milltek 2nd cat bypass K&N Panel filter Best result of 3... Average of three runs 0-60 was 4.3 seconds. Not bad ...
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    Handing the RS3 back advice

    After advice off anyone that's done this please, How did you go about it? We've just spoken to the dealer and explained its now come to the hand it back or replacement car stage as I'm not prepared to keep being messed about by AudiUk with excuse after excuse over brake squeak.
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    White Rs3 Pk62 Manchester, Nr Deansgate

    Spotted today around 1:30-2pm on a side road off Deansgate Manchester.... Anyone here? Even the Mrs spotted it..... Getting her well trained ! :w00t:
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    Finally a recall on squeaking brakes!

    Just a heads up for you guys, Was at my local Audi dealer today and asked the salesman i deal with about any recalls on the RS3, He asked if i was about to refer to squeaking brakes!! He had another RS3 owner in complaining of it this week and Audi's official line is if the car is under 5,000...
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    Cat Bypass sound clips

    A few sound clips i've taken this morning of the Milltek cat bypass, Not the best quality sound as its way better in the flesh but you get the idea. RS3 Milltek youtube - YouTube
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    Another "Just fitted Milltek cat bypass" thread!

    If you haven't done this to your car then all i'll say is why not !!!!!!!!!!!! Just come back from having this and OMG.... Its sounds just immense under full load on a drive-by. Without 'S' Pressed its pretty much stock, infact i cant tell any difference which is just what i want...
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    Lower splitter removal?

    Considering having the lower splitter and trim above the side grills sprayed silver or vinyl wrapped silver, The grill trims pop off but does the lower splitter come off?
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    Few RS3 piccies from today

    Thought i'd nip out and get some pics of the new car so here goes;
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    RS4 traded in and replacement arrives

    Hi guys, Surfed for a while but never posted until now, Fridays was time to see the RS4 traded in and i was sad to see the old girl go but with a baby on the way a 'sensible' car was on the cards: The day we picked up the RS4 New daily ride: RS3