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    Pics Of Your Lowered B6

    sworks16, nice car!! post your pics onto
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    Tuning Packages

    Guys, Alternative option is to visit this great place They do much cheaper than Milltek.
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    heating troubles now...

    I have same problems as yours. When in traffic, it becomes cold, so when car is in motion, it get warms.
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    18" alloys vs 19" alloys

    Look like Vauxy Vectra? Nah :Flush: Get original S4 Avus or Lambo Gallardo wheels? :haudrauf:
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    Misfiring prob

    Exactly!! I had same problems before, it went dead, and I bought new one and it solved problem. Simple, isn't it? :sign_plug:
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    got my car back after the engine reconditioning

    and did you tune up your car? any plan?
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    retro fit sat nav unit ?

    Are you doing DIY? If not, try
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    Bose reception

    Had similar problem in the past with symphony cd 6 disk changer, screen went red and no sound. thought about removing battery and replug again, then it worked. have you tried to unplug and plug battery again? it might do the trick. :think:
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    Supercharger project

    :thumbsup: Good luck mate!! Very interesting project.
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    My A4 new look

    To get more idea of what tyres and wheels look like, see the link and click picture library for pix.
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    My A4 new look

    Very nice, very well done! :thumbsup:
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    Flat Bottom Steering Wheel

    try this, they can do it, so you can do it
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    18'' i think...

    Yep! Get OEM's wheels, not fake or replicas. Otherwise if you are bored with OEM's, go for BBS then.
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    B6 OEM MFSW Retrofit

    hi, try this cheers
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    DTM Steering Wheel?

    it's crunching time .... :think:
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    For a laugh!

    It's a Nation of Chavs ... :drag:
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    Tiptronic v's Manual

    S4 = 4.2 V8, 344 BHP. Perfect with tiptronics. I go for it, as I have tiptronics as well. You can change to manual and enjoy F1-style paddles on S4.
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    before and after...

    See the video on youtube to get idea of what the wheels look like ... :kissmyrings: