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  1. vamos

    S4 is diesel. Is S3 next??!!

    ha ha thats classic Seems that VW is doubling down on diesel because they are possibly behind on electric ??
  2. vamos

    S4 is diesel. Is S3 next??!!

    I had one of the original skoda VRS's - diesel 130 in a polo chassis - it was utterly insane. Like driving a skate board with a breeze block on one end... Whole chassis would twist under heavy cornering. Now the S3 seems very stiff; but with a heavy iron block on the front it would unbalance the...
  3. vamos

    Facelift Got locked IN the vehicle with convenience key.

    I’m loling at this too; but also slightly panicked as I have the advanced key.. being locked in the car with limited means of escape is my idea of a nightmare
  4. vamos

    Major lag in between gear changes on S3

    I can believe dropping it into s mode while simultaneously flooring it would confuse the hell out of the dsg. I usually put it into s mode and wait a few seconds for the box to select the gear for the speed I’m at. Then I floor the hell out of it.
  5. vamos

    ways of transporting Mountain bike

    Roof rack - run the risk of dropping the bike on the top of the car and denting, lots of **** falling off the bike on to the top of the car and finally the low height restrictions which can spell death for your bike, car, rails etc. Tow ball is the way but pretty expensive.
  6. vamos

    Major lag in between gear changes on S3

    Traction control ?
  7. vamos

    Stolen S3 Chased Through Bolton

    Catalog of ineptitude. He was boxed in for ages yet they failed completely to get the stinger under his tyres; which then let to a a dangerous pursuit through a built up area. Ridiculous
  8. vamos

    Experience with Creations Motorsport Turbo Inlet Pipe?

    Looks exactly like the cts- and to be honest can a pipe really be that different ? To me the quality looks the same; the welds look big and neat like the cts. The screw mount is exactly the same and is better than the stock mechanism.
  9. vamos


    Absolutely bang on; this is not free money, they are not doing this out of the kindness of their hearts; PCP is what it is - you are paying to rent a car and nothing else. I hate to sound old and miserable but to get ahead in this life one must learn discipline. Hell there are some great...
  10. vamos

    How many rattles does your car have?

    Kind of cured the rattle near the front of the pano cut out by whacking it with the palm of my hand ; seemed to cure it for the rest of the trip;
  11. vamos

    How many rattles does your car have?

    That's interesting - I have a rattle from the front of the pano roof - right where the cut out is - if I place my hand on it it stops. It's like plastic creeping against metal. Wonder whether the fix is the same
  12. vamos

    Rattle near pano roof

    Yeap - rattling cars is the one thing that sets off my OCD. Unfortunately I've owned quite a few cars that despite the price always developed rattles. My old skoda Fabia though was cheap as chips and never succumbed to them.. it did though leak through the rear doors which was quite annoying...
  13. vamos

    Rattle near pano roof

    ******. My only hope is liberal insertion of double backed sticky pads.
  14. vamos

    Rattle near pano roof

    Thanks for the response. Mines in on the 30th to Audi for a haldex fluid change and I've indicated this problem. Looking at the design it looks all one piece unless pulling apart the light/roof cluster revels some fastener/clips:skyhooks
  15. vamos

    Rattle near pano roof

    so this rattle is getting worse and it's definitely coming from near the pano; however last night I discovered that if I apply my hand to the edge of the lining near the light cluster the rattle stops. Anyone have any tips on how to take apart the headlining on this area ?
  16. vamos

    It's been five weeks since I sold my S3.............

    @steeve - I was watching one of the youtubers with an RS - apparently the driver seat is on stilts! - but some company have a mounting kit which drops the seat down to a far more driver focussed height.. fezza is his name. He also has the dubious honour of having had his engine replaced..
  17. vamos

    Facelift Too German??

    You could go for a Ford Mustang - guaranteed life changing injuries if one crashed in one of those death traps !
  18. vamos

    Facelift Google Earth view no longer supported

    Whatever pal. You've obviously never had to work with the ril in android.
  19. vamos

    Engine over heating warning light?

    Wow - was the mmi not covered by the warranty ?
  20. vamos

    Facelift Google Earth view no longer supported

    I'm afraid we'll disagree on that. I've seen them redesign apis constantly to waste users time. Software engineering time is expensive; bodging a wrapper around a wrapper is hardly elegant or easy to test. I'm pretty sure Audi doesn't have the man power to play this game nor the time or risk of...