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    How do I tell if wifes car has brake assist fitted?

    I need a new servo and all the ones listed are either BAS or non BAS. Its a boggo std 2005 3.0tdi se quattro, looks like std servo and master cylinder to me? Thought this is going to be a ****** to find a pattern part, but no theres shed loads of them, obviously another quality audi design fault!
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    Hopefully simple electrical question 12v ign live needed

    Got to fit in car cam to wifes motor this week, and would like to know a safe place to pick up an ignition live feed preferably from the end of the dash fuse box area to save me having to go back to the cig lighter.
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    Driver door not locking with remote

    After the missus accused me of locking her car with the key,( i did explain why use the key when its got a remote?) The door lock has been playing up, she informs me if you press the fob a couple more time it locks fine. Unlocks no problem, so naturally im just tempted to blame her! Is there a...
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    Wiring diagrams wanted

    Anyone know where i can get wiring diagrams/schematics for the b7 model? Interested in seat sensors and all the engine bay. Ive spent ages searching and every lead seems to be a fail.
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    3.0 tdi best mpg so far, probably not seen again!

    Went to collect missus from heathrow yesterday, i love driving around the m25 at 5pm! Anyway by the time i got there, the trip was showing 49mpg obviously not normal driving but i was only expecting 40 on a run. **** pic i know! Lynall
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    3.0tdi starting how long

    Now im used to old land rover tdi diesels, flick the key and they start immediately regardless of the weather. Now this A4 takes approx 1 to 1.5 secs on the key to fire, it does so cleanly and runs nice, suggesting to me its not a fuel problem, if in fact there is a problem at all? Glow plug...
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    3.0tdi quattro slow speed drivline slack

    Wifes new to her car ie 2nd hand! Now ive got a little used to it have noticed a bit of driveline shunt at slow speeds whilst light on and off the throttle. Had it up on the works ramp and there is some backlash in the front end of the rear prop, not sure if this is normal? Im used to old land...
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    Advice needed quattro transmission oils

    Wife has just bought a 2005 3.0tdi quattro and im going to service it this weekend, and need to know what oils the diffs and gearboxes take, or is it a special job? When doing fuel filter i assume once fitted its ign on and let pump run until it stops a few times and then start it? Ta Lynall
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    Hi to all

    New here, Land Rovers and Mercs have been mine and the wifes cars of choice for years. Shes wants an audi i research it, oh dear, 2.0 diesel excellent reliability record ho ho, multitronic even worse! Tell her she need quattro for proper auto and big diesel, so she buys a 2005 quattro 3.0tdi...