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  1. J

    Wet passenger footwell

    Hello all, Driving home last night and the better half noticed her bag was soaking. After a look, the passenger side footwell is **** wet through. It's not coolant, and over the autumn I have parked under trees so quite a few leaves have ended up on the car so could of blocked a drain.....maybe...
  2. J

    S3 windows steaming up

    So returning to the car after the rain lately, the windows are all steamed up and it feels warm inside and as if the seats are on a low heat setting. This is after been parked up for 6 hours and also overnight. Anybody else had this? Can't figure it out I've checked the carpets aren't wet etc
  3. J

    Actual mileage different from advertised

    So bought my S3 without actually seeing it advertised mileage was 7,784 when I got it home I noticed the actual mileage to be more like 8,500 when I picked it up. Now I'm going back to the dealer today to get a chip sorted. Should I be bothered about the difference in mileage? Mention it? Should...
  4. J

    Popped in to audi bought an s3

    So got call from audi yesterday inviting me down to have a look at trading my 8p s3 in I had nothing better to do today and thought well I will atleast get a cheeky test drive in something. 3 hours from walking in and I've got an 8v s3 on the way, 63 plate estoril blue hatch with 7k on the...
  5. J

    S3 water temp gauge slow to drop after needle sweep

    Good evening all, as above really noticed this morning on first startup after the needle sweep the water temp gauge seems to drop slowly down to minimum instead of instantly. I'm hoping it's normal and just something I've never noticed and not an early sign of bigger issues. Any ideas?
  6. J

    Rnse BOSE to aftermarket headunit

    Hey everybody, following on from my previous topic where my rnse got stolen. Everything I've ordered to fit a pioneer HU has arrived but the adapters that I got told I need don't seem to match up. I've searched here and elsewhere online but I can't seem to find any reference with the same plug...
  7. J

    RNSE stolen! Alternatives

    So long story short my RNSE was stolen last night. So now looking for a replacement, instead of just getting another I was thinking of swapping it out for a pioneer double din with apple play or whatever it is and all that jazz. Has anybody got any experience with these? I.e leads I need...
  8. J


    Got a tune2air today to use instead of my phone plugged directly into the ami. Just thought I would say it's a great bit of kit for the people that didn't know they were about!!
  9. J


    So my glovebox has snapped on the passenger door side, audi say its not covered under warranty and want £266 pahahaha. I've searched the classifieds but to no success. So my question is have any of you got an S3 8p3 glovebox for sale? Thanks.
  10. J

    New pads and discs

    Took the s3 to audi today to have a look at drivers side pads wearing faster than passenger side both discs have overheated and both sets of pads are gone £465 :scared2:
  11. J

    A quick hello!!!

    So been a member for a couple of months now, just thought I would say a quick hello. I'm already enjoying the forum and the new car going from a corsa D limited edition to the S3, has been a big step up for me and I'm very happy with the car. Here are a few shoddy I phone . Notice my dad in the...
  12. J

    Is this normal?

    New S3 owner saying hello!! Coming from a corsa D it's a slight step up ;) Anyway, to the point. Coming off a roundabout or round a tight bend when giving it the beans there seams to be some sort of weird mechanical, high pitched fast ticking/grinding its weird to describe. Only noticed it when...