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  1. TimD

    MMI Nav stuck on Google Earth start-up screen

    I've started to have some inconsistent problems with my MMI nav. The Google Earth start up screen, that I think you normally only see when the MMI reboots (A view of part of the planet in dark blue, with the Audi and Google Earth logos and a spinning progress wheel) has been showing for...
  2. TimD

    Audi Connect via eSIM black holes

    So, I drive about 50 miles each way to work. The last part is on the A3(M) towards Portsmouth. Pretty much the entire A3(M) is a black spot for coverage via the eSIM. In the map display, you go from having the Google logo and "ONLINE" in bold, to a greyed out Google logo, and "ONLINE" replaced...
  3. TimD

    Tim D's B9 S4 Avant Thread

    Thought I'd jump on the bandwagon to share my experiences with my new car which was delivered today. The car was sourced through Select Car Leasing, who scoured Audi dealers to find someone who could match (or get close to) a good lease deal that had been available in the Autumn, but I'd not...