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    Going up a tyre profile size

    Hi all, my wife managed to kerb my left side A5 Cab alloys today -last time she gets the car :( Now looking at repairs to two badly chewed wheels - but worse still, in the process she managed to tear into the rear tyre. I had intended to update the two fronts very soon but the backs were still...
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    Hi all! Loving my A5 but need to see the light...

    New to the forum. Proud owner of a new (to me) 2013 A5 Cabrio S Line Special Edition. So lots of toys - but wtf - no vent, glovebox or door lighting! So first mod is a retrofit of these parts the first owner forgot to spec ..... Please feel free to pm me if you do this for a living!
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    Ma mirror no dipper

    Ok, just found int he manual that the passenger side mirror dips when you select reverse. Not on mine! Tried the mirror swtich on LH, middle and RH but no joy. Is it another coding job?
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    New tyres needed

    My Cab is nearing new black hoop time for the rears. I'm thinking of going for the Vredsteins and wondered what you all thought. Looking for that nirvana of decent grip, modest cost and long life, of course.
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    Heated mirrors need coding?

    Hi all, decided to upgrade to heated mirrors. Prising the standard unheated ones off, I was relieved to find i have the two wires required. Plug in and put it all back together, but don't appear to be working when the rear window demister is switched on. They feel cold to the touch and i put...
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    Retrofit PDC too quiet

    Just had PDC retrofitted to my B7 cab. But you can hardly hear the bleeper, which is currently in the rear quarter somewhere. Its a genuine audi retrofit kit. Has anyone else experienced this, and where best to site the bleeper in the car?
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    De badged!

    Took the plunge and went out there with the hair dryer. 10 mins later - no model badging on the boot lid. Quick polish and no regrets. I'll post a picture when allowed to see what others think!:icon_thumright:
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    Too good to be true?

    Hi all considering a tuning chip for my tdi 140 ps engine and saw this: Not looking for max power just a useful uplift that...
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    red door lights not workiing/enabled?

    Hi all Just spotted today I have red light lenses on the doors of my 2006 s-line cab but they dont light up when the doors are open - should they, or it not is their a retrofit on this?:crying:
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    SDS in my b7 cab

    Hi folks, first post so bare with me! I had sds upgrade recently but find the voice commands really hit and miss, specially on the move. It has a problem with 'dial number' often asking for a name and 'delete' doesn't go back one digit when giving a new number to dial. Anyone else have probs...
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    Hi there!

    New to the forum having just got a very nice B7 A4 cab from an Audi Independent. My last Audi (A4 Avant TDI 115) was nearly a decade ago so great to be back. My last car with similar miles was an BMW E46 320D and not a patch on the A4 build quality or features IMHO. Looking forward to sunny days...