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  1. A4hybrid

    B7 key upgrade problem.

    Hi all. Hoping you can help. I bought a new b7 key and had it cut today and managed to sync both keys using the door lock/window down method. Both keys were working fine but after about a hour I went out to grab something from the car and neither key remote unlocks the car. They both start...
  2. A4hybrid

    Lithium battery A4 diesel

    Anyone know what Lithium battery that will replace a standard battery on a a4 diesel 1.9tdi? I've done a lot of searching but as they are a new technology in cars there's not a lot of info. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. A4hybrid

    Debadged grill.

    Hi all. Any ideas where I can get this grill? I want a debadged grill but with a chrome lining just like the standard one. I've looked in the obvious places but haven't had any luck. Any help would be appreciated
  4. A4hybrid

    Steering wheel swap help!!

    Hi all. I've just paid for a steering wheel from and the one I received doesn't have a board in the back (see pics). New Old I gave all the correct info when ordering and can't see anyway of swapping the board to the new wheel as there isn't a cut out for it...
  5. A4hybrid

    Steering wheel wraps??

    Does anyone know where to get the steering wheel wraps that you stitch yourself? I've found the cheaper ones on eBay that don't go under the airbag so it looks a bit naff as it doesn't cover the whole steering wheel. Any links would be great [emoji1303]
  6. A4hybrid

    DIY panel re-trim - first panel done!

    After asking in a previous thread about diy panel retrim not many people had tackled this so thought I would do a little write up on what I've done so far. I wanted something different than the leather door cards so tracked down some diamond faux suede in a dark grey to break up my light grey...
  7. A4hybrid

    Door card retrim?

    Just wondered if anyone on here has tackled it on their own? Thinking of putting some alacantara on the fabric bits but don't want to damage the door card if I unstick the fabric bit from the hot welded plastic.
  8. A4hybrid

    1.9tdi smoking issue.

    Hi all Just after some advise on a slight smoking problem. My a4 1.9tdi Quattro estate smokes a little while first start up and a few times in first gear while pulling away. It doesn't make any difference while it's cold/warm. I had a hybrid turbo fitted in January with no issues other than...
  9. A4hybrid

    Headlightswitch/ Abs issue.

    Hi all. This is a very weird problem indeed. Basically after starting the car every now and then I get a and/brake warning error on the mfd if I turn my headlights on just after starting the car. I've tried staring the car and then driving for a few seconds and it doesn't come on. It doesn't...
  10. A4hybrid

    312mm brake upgrade question

    hi all. I've these for sale on eBay for a while now and wondered what brakes/discs would I need to make the upgrade on my b6 Quattro? If it's in the hundreds of pounds its probably not worth it but would love to hear if you guys have fitted them or...
  11. A4hybrid

    Newbie A4 tdi B6 Quattro Owner

    Hi there all. I've been reading posts on this site for years as I've always wanted a Audi but had mainly vw's the last 3 cars. I've finally got a A4 b6 advant a few months ago and couldn't leave it standard so started playing with it right away. All my previous cars have been modified but...