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  1. ANX

    2.0 TDI Quattro - General Thoughts

    So in an attempt to remain positive despite todays issues with the car, I thought it might be useful to anyone considering this powertrain to hear my thoughts so far - I know I tried to find info on this particular combination when ordering but everything I came across was for the higher...
  2. ANX

    ECM/PCM fault code..

    Yippie, another issue with the car... Pulled up to traffic lights, I know the junction takes a good while to change again, so put the handbrake on and the gearbox in neutral. Stop start kicked in so the engine wasn't running. Preparing to go again, changed the car from neutral to drive...
  3. ANX

    S Tronic stationary juddering

    Hopefully not the start of another gearbox issue thread...! So.. rather disconcertingly the car started juddering whilst waiting at traffic lights today. I know the lights are relatively quick change so came to stop on and stayed on the footbrake, gearbox in manual mode as I prefer with DSG...