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    2017 A3 2.0 TFSI Quattro - remap options?

    Hi As above it a 2017 tfsi 2.0 which I believe is the 190BHP variant, has an s-tronic gearbox. Anyone had experience with a good reputable remap company? I was looking at Revo, but seems they are still in development phase for this model... Thanks A
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    Has anyone failed an MOT with new 2018 DPF laws, having removed/gutted theirs with a remap?

    General question really, although I know most are Savvy to avoid this on doubt, but just wanted to know if anyone was unlucky enough to Fail an MOT with the new 2018 laws - having known (or not known for that matter) if their DPF was deleted/removed and remapped? Thanks A
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    2.0TDi BMN - Intake Manifold Runner Control - Intermittent

    Hey guys Cars been running really good thus far, its a 170 BMN, but just today got a flashing coil followed by an engine light. (it went out and came back on) - done a scan and got this code: 012600 - Intake Manifold runner control Regulation Deviation reading up on previous posts points to...
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    EGR switch over valve (solenoid) N345

    Hi After sorting all my DPF issues, one EML light that kept coming back was: "005270 - Switch-over Valve for EGR Cooler (N345) - P1496 - 006 - Short to Plus - MIL - ON" I took a chance and replaced the valve (identical to N75), having read by many that it could be the connector or wiring to...
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    2.0 TDI 170 BMN - DPF issues (sighs)

    So we had this car for a over a year now, no real issues and anytime the DPF light used to come on I would take it for a drive then it would clear after 10 mins of motorway driving. Granted its used more for local driving and not long distant which is why this is happening and most likely why...
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    A3 sportback 2.0TDI S-Line 170 - Shock replacement, Bilstein B4 sport?

    Hi Guys Looking to get shocks replaced for my A3 sportback s-line, reading a few threads some say Bilstein B4 standard are ok and their website suggest using the B4 Sport for sports suspension, which I assume the S-line comes with? Whats the general consensus on shock replacements for S-Line...
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    Creaking sound when turning left slow

    ok so this started recently and has got much louder here are symptoms: - creak to rumble sound when turning left or right for that matter - if turning out of a car park space slow it actually sounds like a sound similar to a CV joint on its way out, less metallic though - no vibration can be...
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    S3 cooling fans

    Should both fans be running when the Climate control is on? irrespective of engine tempertaure? Regards Akbar
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    Bose Speakers - how to tell?

    I am looking to purchase an S3 pref a facelift with as many options as possible. Ok simple question. BOSE system will say BOSE on the stereo when switched on correct? but....I have seen some cars with BOSE badges on the grills and some with none which apparently have a BOSE system? does that...
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    Warm Hello to all!

    Hi just new to the forum, infact so new I havent even got the car yet! lol im looking at an S3 circa 8-9k mark ideally facelift in black with as many extras as possible! I come from the VW scene and attend shows with my mates who own styledynamix in west london. Im sure some of guys have herd...