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  1. SI-W85

    Thinking of coming back

    Ok so I sold my B8 almost 4 months ago and missing it so much I'm seriously considering coming back to Audi not sure I want another B8 as I got my last one just how I liked it then sold it so if I do I think it will be the A5/S5 what you think should I leave the next one alone or mod it but...
  2. SI-W85

    Diffuser question

    Does anybody know if the A5 SLine diffuser will fit the A4 Sline as I am in need of one to finish putting my car back to standard and the only decent looking one I can find is from an A5?
  3. SI-W85

    Wheel alignment

    Ok so I had my car lowered some more at the weekend and as I always do I planned a wheel alignment but couldn't get in until today which gave me some time to machine the rear spacers down 2mm. Anyway today it went on the Hunter Alignment, it just shows why when you lower your car you should have...
  4. SI-W85

    Alarm question

    I want to upgrade my alarm and have done for some time but haven't found the thing I am looking for which is something similar to the Clifford, the only thing I can find near to what I want is a falcon evo4+ which basically has a little pager. When installed the car has remote start (leaving the...
  5. SI-W85

    S4 brake badges

    Can anyone on here tell me where I can get the badges that go on the front Callipers I am having my S5 brakes refurbed and the pins have snapped on the back of the badge that go in the calliper, so figured I may as well replace with S4 ones?
  6. SI-W85


    Just thought I'd share a couple pics of my X5s that are currently in for a refurb as they were due a touch up and what better time to do it when the winters are on. I have had them done in Hyper silver over black, also I had the BMW centres in last year and got lots of grief from people so I've...
  7. SI-W85


    Think I'm going to colour code my mirrors again can't decide wether I prefer them black or silver? :/ thoughts please
  8. SI-W85

    show season

    So who's going to what shows this year then and on what stands will you be going on, also what mods have you or will you have in store ready for the shows?
  9. SI-W85

    Calibrating lights

    I changed the xenon bulbs in my car and they seem to be lighting the side of the road a little bit too much, will they need to be calibrated again? I seem to remember I was playing with my vcds when it was working a while ago and I managed to set the lights to calibrate and they went through a...
  10. SI-W85

    Calliper carriers

    Can anyone confirm that the 3.0tdi and S4 have the same rear calliper carriers to allow the same disc size also are the rear Callipers all the same is it just the carriers that differ? Next one is what size are the 3.0tdi/S4 discs and where can I get some carriers from if the Callipers are the...
  11. SI-W85

    Merry Christmas to me

    I came out this morning to a lovely surprise Christmas present, some little scrote has run a key down the rear quarter panel :( it's about 8-12" long and quite deep, anyway I went straight back in the house to check my cctv except unknowing to me the main camera has developed a fault at night so...
  12. SI-W85

    In 2 minds

    ok so I have taken off my X5s for a refurb, due to the poking of the rears the paint has come off around the lip as they scrape a bit on the inside of my wheel arch. So have a few options really, 1- do I leave them as they are 2- do I get a few mm shaved off the rear of the wheels 3- do I put...
  13. SI-W85

    Headlights faded

    Today I noticed my passenger side headlight was yellowish compared to the drivers, when looking closely it appears to have some sort of muck/mist embedded on the inside of the clear cover not sure if that is what is causing the yellow tinge but now I know it's odd I'll have to do something about...
  14. SI-W85

    Rough idle any ideas

    Basically I set off from the shop earlier and the car backed off then went then backed off again, anyway I pulled up outside my house and it was running really rough on idle. I know it's hard to say as it could be a number of things so what I'm asking is what is the most likely thing to be or...
  15. SI-W85

    Door mirror

    Last week I noticed my heated wing mirror wasn't working so went to GSF but they didn't sell them for my car so drove to Audi but they wanted something like £58+vat does anybody else know where to buy one from as ebay seem to only list aspheric glass not the flat ones (I'm assuming mine is flat)
  16. SI-W85

    Under body protection

    ok so the roads around where I live are a disgrace and my car is already quite low but plan on going a bit lower after winter and I keep catching already so when it's lower will be worrying but I'm wondering if anybody has fitted one of these If so is it worth...
  17. SI-W85

    Vcds guru needed

    Can anyone on here tell me how to do a reset of my vent flap motors with vcds???
  18. SI-W85

    Help with vcds needed

    Ok so I'm guessing that one of my flap motors has packed in on my blowers apparently there are quite a few but I could do with plugging in to vcds asap to find out which one, if it tells you that is :/ I did have vcds until my laptop packed in and had it reapaired but mine won't recognise the...
  19. SI-W85

    Blower problems

    Ok so tonight I got in my car and the front window was a bit steamed so put the blower on to window (as you would) anyway it was barely blowing even though was on 11, normally blows really strong and clears the window in no time at all but tonight it took ages, last year I had a similar fault...
  20. SI-W85

    Wheel choice

    Ok so everyone has different taste in wheels some like OEM some like aftermarket and some like crazy style wheels, my question to all you lot is, What would be your perfect wheels & fitment as in poking/tucked/flush or what would you like to see an A4 rollin on no matter what style, size, or how...