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    Audi A3 3.2 V6 Accident

    Glad you are okay after that accident......Know where that happened as I live in Hayes and am originally from West Ealing.....As your car has taken the impact I would hope they would rule in your favour especially as he jumped the lights and was most likely breaking the speed limit especially if...
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    Think about getting a 3.2 v6, should I?

    Excuse my stupidity...My car knowledge is basic,so can you tell me where the engine earths are located? And I will give them a clean,as this issue still crops up with me randomly. mentioned the A404...I use that road on commute to work after leaving M4 at J8/J9 as I work in...
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    Think about getting a 3.2 v6, should I?

    Owned my 04 A3 3.2 since 2005........Great Q car as mine has no A3 or 3.2 badge on it either.I still enjoy it after all these years.Main issue down the years is the intermittent ESP yellow light on dashboard and the car won't idle and cuts out when you come to a stop.But a quick motorway or a...
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    Timing belt, water pump and auxiliary water pump in/near London

    I also take my A3 to Russell Automotive Centre.......Very good and have used them for the last 5 to 6 years.
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    Engine cut out, ECS & ESP lights on

    I've owned my 3.2 Manual A3 since 2005 and have had this problem intermittantly and have checked on forums like this for years, but no one (even Audi) seems to have found a resolution. Hence why I never have taken my car in to specifically to have this issue looked at. Have had the same issue of...