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  1. dieselguy

    Help - dilemma, first trip on 1st March

    Like the posts above, the adaptive lights can be adjusted in the MMI. If you can't change it then you can buy a sticker pack and stick it on yourself for the duration of the trip. TBH all the stuff I bought (breathalysers, warning triangles, yellow vests etc) were still in its original packaging...
  2. dieselguy

    Window Rattle??!!

    Good luck. This really shouldn't be a big deal for them.
  3. dieselguy

    Window Rattle??!!

    They just did it. It was under warranty anyway.
  4. dieselguy

    Window Rattle??!!

    I got my door seal replaced, that seemed to solve the problem.
  5. dieselguy

    Stone-Chipped Alloy

    Any news on this repair kit? I've noticed some stone damage on my wheels so need to sort it out.
  6. dieselguy

    What is it with Scotland?

    I thought there's only whiskey and shortbread over there!..... Hehe joking aside, I do like the scenery and enjoyed my driving every time I'm up there! As for independence, I hope we stay together... But then again I don't have a vote.
  7. dieselguy

    3d black trim

    Nice view (and nice car) Pilot! Was in St-Malo, on way to Concarneau, liked the Galettes over there….
  8. dieselguy

    mpg shot up over past few days

    Last night I noticed on a motorway run (200 miles) I got 54.8 mpg. The same trip in January I got 51.4 mpg. So maybe there is a slight difference. However, there are too many factors than just temperature outside. I had a full car load last night with Shell V-Power Diesel compared to an empty...
  9. dieselguy

    Insurance with tuning box on a s3

    But if they know the box part number and company who made it surely it's enough for them to check... Or do they not bother and offer a standard increased fee....?....
  10. dieselguy

    Ruddy typical -accident already - TWO days

    I can be cynical of course… sometimes…..
  11. dieselguy

    Ruddy typical -accident already - TWO days

    I agree, and this is our only bargaining power. But if they have 2 million customers then you (or I) leaving is not significant, especially if they saved some money on paying out on us.
  12. dieselguy

    Ruddy typical -accident already - TWO days

    The insurance companies only care about money and profit (as with any business i guess). If there's a cost involved to them then of course they'll try to do something about it. But if there is no direct benefit to them then they won't bother fighting/investigating the case.
  13. dieselguy

    Ruddy typical -accident already - TWO days

    Very sorry to hear this. It's a lot of hassle which you could have done without. If I were you I would tell the insurance company, just incase this guy is not trust worthy (lets hope he is actually insured). Good that you took the picture as proof, can't be too careful these days.
  14. dieselguy

    No s3 on top gear!

    For me Top Gear is a comedy show rather than some serious car show. With some political statements thrown in (clarkson is close to the likes of Cameron and Brooks, that's not a secret). but I still like watching it for the shear entertainment value. In fact, I even watch the repeats.
  15. dieselguy

    Window Rattle??!!

    I had this problem as well, i can actually hear the wind whistling when i drive. Taking it back to the dealer soon to get it sorted. I hope they actually check the seal and not just put some lubrication on it as it might not fix the problem long term.
  16. dieselguy

    New number plate

    It is a nice system. Great descriptive posts here! Presumably theres no way we can also collect our cars from the factory? A friend of mine from LA went to "collect" his from the factory. He was offered a flight deal, was given a tour of the production line, a comprehensive short insurance...
  17. dieselguy

    New number plate

    Going back to the original point.... Maybe consider a pressed plate? There's another thread about this somewhere.
  18. dieselguy

    New number plate

    I have no problems if other people want to spend their money on private plates. Or the fact that the dvla is making a profit on this. What I don't like is the illegal spacing.... Although I do like the German plates. Better looking fonts, cool regional logos. No age displays and same colour...
  19. dieselguy


    In my opinion the cosmetic shine is not worth getting. The dealer knows that as well so would happily give it away for free, as long as you get one of the other 2. I've opted for the Smart guard cover for scratches (after huge discount) but haven't used it, so not sure how useful it is. gap...
  20. dieselguy

    How good is the sat nav?

    Ah i see. Thanks for clarifying.