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  1. siu00adg

    Roadtrip, August, Swiss Alps, All welcome.
  2. siu00adg

    Verdon Gorge trip - south of France 2nd-5th of May We are going to book it all up very soon, if any of you are keen let me know asap. Hope you don't mind me posting this in the General Chat forum, but it would be good to get a decent sized convoy going :) Cheers, Al.
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    New BMW M5!

    the new RS6 is a beast, but its just far too heavy at over 2 tonnes! Shame, that twin turbo v10 in something more like 1800KG's would be perfection!
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    This has me a little puzzled... XJ200 weight: 1560 engine: 3.5 v6 twin turbo power: 549 bhp torque: 473 lb-ft Zonda S 7.3 weight: 1250 engine: 7.3 v12 power: 555 bhp torque: 553 lb-ft So how does this work?... Must be down to gear ratios right...
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    Speeding car flies 200 feet- M5 crash on airstrip

    Savage :( Its weird how his last post was at 04:02 on the 26th but he was pronounced dead at 03:55 on the 26th, maybe a different time zone.
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    478BHP from a Mini!

    all from a 1.6 - that is pretty impressive! Can't imagine it would be that good on a track though.
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    Insurance for Road trip to prague.

    Awesome, cheers for the advice :-)
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    Insurance for Road trip to prague.

    Hi Guys, Me and 3 mates are rocking down to Prague for new years in my S3, its a long drive and I don't want to do it all myself so I'd like to get my mates insured on the car for 4-5 days. The thing is, its an S3 and my mates are 23, 24 and 28. Does anyone have and recommendations as to which...
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    New 2.5 TFSI engine

    Yeah, over a year old, but they sort of got the S3 prediction right. Unlike all the other aritcles that say it will be a 3.2V6
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    New 2.5 TFSI engine Interesting.
  11. siu00adg

    New 2.5 TFSI engine

    How do you know that for sure? And how long do I have to save up?!
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    God damn speeding ticket

    Totally agree.
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    God damn speeding ticket

    I'm with you on that. Speed cameras are such a ridiculous way of policing our roads anyway. Rather than spending money on traffic cops, money is made by measuring peoples speed (ignoring everything else). Speed cameras exist for two reasons, and two reasons alone. 1. Speed is a very easy...