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  1. DGF

    S3 Stolen

    Just wanted you guys to be aware that another S3 - mine - was stolen last week in a house raid in North London during the middle of the night. Don't want to give too much detail, it was nasty & they demanded we hand over the key that they couldn't find. My advice bolt down your doors, get a big...
  2. DGF

    S3 injector failure ......

    So, my 16 month old S3 has now had a new high pressure fuel pump & now having a new injector as one has failed. Broken down & recovered twice - not impressed, anyone had similar issues ? Audi dealer has said sorry, will return car to you asap. Any comments....
  3. DGF

    S3 terrible petrol smell ???

    Anyone else experienced this ? Last few days my S3 has a strong fuel smell particularly when stationary & just parked. Just about to call dealer but thought I would ask if anyone else has experienced this. Wasn't expecting it from a year old new S3 - used to happen on my 15 year old Golf !
  4. DGF

    S3 Insurance

    Any advice gents on best deal for a London based experienced driver with clean record. Looking to save some pennies, currently have Audi Insurance, but sure there must be better deals out there.
  5. DGF

    Radio cuts out

    Anyone else have this problem ? Every once in a while, the radio & media sound just cuts out & wont come back ! Completely erratic & Audi seem to think i'm nuts..... just had a one hour journey with no sound ! Expect more from a new S£ - I mean S3 or maybe I do mean S£ :)
  6. DGF

    Condensation inside S3 headlight

    Just noticed some serious condensation on inside of driver side headlight glass. Anyone else experienced this?
  7. DGF

    Topping up oil S3

    Have done approx. 4500 miles in new S3 & oil light has come on, any advice on topping up & best oil to use. Was a bit surprised to see oil light on 6 months old car. Not a car expert, maybe that's normal? Have been enjoying the car & driving hard when given the chance !
  8. DGF

    2013 S3 Footrest & Key....

    Hi all, as a pround owner of a new S3 Sportback, I was surprised that it states in the brochure that the car comes with Aluminium pedals - INCLUDING FOOTREST & KEY WITH S3 LOGO..... mine has neither of these, how about others, are we all the same or did they not finish mine correctly !