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  1. naughts4187

    The S3 has gone! Thanks to everyone & see you again

    Morning all, Just a quick note to say a big thanks for the last year and a half on the forum for tips advice and general banter when I'm sat vacantly staring out of my window at work. Yesterday the S3 was picked up by Graham from Prestige Performance and will go into his stock. He gave me a...
  2. naughts4187

    Is this a fair price for my car?

    So the time has come to chop the S3 in as my new car arrives at the end of the month. Rather than go through the painful self sale I thought I'd take my chances on a group buyer who wanted a low mileage car. I've been bid the following: £25k £25.5k & £26k today with all of them saying they...
  3. naughts4187

    Fixed Anyone else with major tapatalk issues?

    Over the past month my tapatalk app really doesn't like the Audi sport forum. I'm a member of a few others and it's fine for those but ASN constantly gives me this message when trying to access threads...
  4. naughts4187

    What's my car really worth?

    Hi everyone, I'm thinking about chopping the S3 earlier than expected. I've had a couple of trade in valuations, both coming back at £27500. My car is as follows: July 2015 15 plate 1800 miles. S tronic, Sepang blue, lunar silver leather, pan roof, b&o, tech pack with Audi connect...
  5. naughts4187

    STOLEN in Bristol last night - 12 Plate 3 Door Vw Golf GTD

    Hi guys, not my S3 but our family golf has been pinched in Bristol last night. It's a white golf GTD full leather, LED DRLs, manual on a JCT600 Yorkshire plate YK12 KDU - car only had 24000 miles on the clock. I expect it's been stolen to strip for parts but worth a shout here to see if anyone...
  6. naughts4187

    Gone and ordered a new toy...

    So this is my 5th Audi in 6 years and most definitely going to be my last. I think I'm done with the 4 rings for now. Rather than list the reasons for why I dislike my S3 (which there are many) I know many of you love yours, and quite rightly too, so I don't want to cause an upset. I usually...
  7. naughts4187

    Do I get a TT-RS or stick with my S3?

    Morning folks. So last night I've been really thinking long and hard about the S3. I've been in one technically since March and I still find myself wanting a properly involving car. I really do like my S3, it's got all the tech in, great pan roof, love the colour & interior however it's just...
  8. naughts4187

    Squeaking sound from rear left of boot - help!

    Morning all, My new S3 has developed a really annoying squeak in the last day or so. It's coming from the boot. It happens when going over speed bumps or uneven road surface. Anything which get the springs and shocks working really. I initially thought it was my parcel shelf rubbing so I...
  9. naughts4187

    Satin BBS CH-R wheels - clean and protect?

    Hi all, I have some BBS CH-R wheels which are in anthracite satin. They need a proper clean and protection. There are some white marks on them, nothing major. But I don't want to go at them with anything I currently have for wheels as it's Auto Smart stuff and it's not designed for a satin...
  10. naughts4187

    Is my arm rest faulty?

    Just picked up my new car and I've noticed the arm rest doesn't go all the way back down like the old one did. It feels like it's on the last click. Can someone help me out with a pic of theirs? Thanks!
  11. naughts4187

    Bonnet Apron Anyone?

    So on a trip to Skipton this morning the road turned into 4 miles of gravel and 20mph signs. I hung back and still got splattered in stones from trucks and kn**head drivers speeding along and kicking up debris. I now have a delightful speckled effect on the front of my car. Has anyone seen a...
  12. naughts4187

    Speedo lit up like a Christmas tree

    Evening all. The S3 has suddenly lit up with lots of bleeping again. It was in Audi this week and they couldn't find any fault. ESC fault Hill hold unavailable TPMS fault I remember reading something about this a while ago, is it common? March 15 car with 1100 miles. Thanks
  13. naughts4187

    Won a G-techniq nano coat protection!

    Was at a charity ball last night and bid £200 for a Full nanocoat protection for my new S3. Can't believe no one else wanted it to be honest! Apparently this package is worth £1k but I'll wait to see exactly it entails. Has anyone else had a nanocoat applied to their car?
  14. naughts4187

    Wheel bolt tool advice please

    So I popped on my BBS rear wheel the other day to see how it would fit but I couldn't get the standard nut / bolt removal tool to fit, it was too wide for the wheel socket. Does anyone have any recommended tools they use? I'm going to get a trolley jack and axle stands soon too. Here's the...
  15. naughts4187

    Oh my lord we are stuck on colour, again. Sepang vs Panther HELP!

    So my exclusive re-order is going to be a 7 month wait, and to be perfectly honest I'll probably be swapping the car after 18 months anyway, so I am going to go for a normal book colour so I get it by July, and just ramp up the spec. I'm torn between Sepang and Panther. I'm going black pack...
  16. naughts4187

    I think I don't like my gearbox

    So I've had my S3 for 3 weeks now and as much as I can appreciate it's incredibly quick, I really miss a proper manual box! Coming from a manual v6 into this, it feels unengaging & severely computerised. Just been for a thrash around the back roads and I'm left slightly bored with the...
  17. naughts4187

    Driving position anyone?

    It's a standing joke in my family, I like my seat base through the floor and low low low. In my TT this wasn't a problem, seat low, wheel as far out as possible and I felt connected. I'm only 6ft but I've got very long legs so I tend to have the seat far back too. In the S3 I find the seat base...
  18. naughts4187

    Literally all the Audi colours...

    To add to the sticky that @Bristle Hound added last month, here's another example of someone with too much time on their hands showing loads of Audi colours. - Enjoy!
  19. naughts4187

    My car is missing some spec! What do I do?

    Just been trying to work out how to do Audi Connect on my car, been out and found there is no sim slot in the glove box. Checked my Audi code of ACPNU2YP which was the original order email exchange and it definitely shows it there! Because I negotiated a discount I didn't realise on the order...
  20. naughts4187

    My Black Cherry Pearl S3 Thread

    After 5 months of being totally addicted to this forum and passing the time yesterday I picked up my exclusive S3. I found the whole exclusive colour ordering process completely rubbish, not one dealer I called had a book of colours, and only had the odd colour swatch on site. I initially...