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  1. 4NT

    A little Audio help for OEM Sub and Amp wiring

    I originally posted in the I.C.E section but got no response. My factory sub and amp in my 02 B6 Avant Sport suck ***, as I'm sure everyone who has one is aware... A few weeks back I remember reading a thread detailing what wire is what on the loom that enters the amp, but for the life of me I...
  2. 4NT

    A4 B6 rear amp wiring loom question.

    Hi all, I remember seeing details of what the cables on the useless sub and amp are in the B6 Avant boot. Problem is I can't find it anywhere now. I'm hoping to tap into these cables to get a pre out for sound and the remote wire to trigger an additional amp powering a sub which I'm going to...
  3. 4NT

    4NT Cobra Parking Sensors Driveway Retro Fit

    So I'm not a mechanic but like to try and do as much as I can to save a little money and learn as I go, I've tried to keep this basic, and clearly there's people who know more about how this works I just wanna share my experience.... My previous cars all had park assist, some front and rear...
  4. 4NT

    LCR Front Splitter

    Hi all, I've seen in various threads mention of the Leon Cupra splitter costing around £25. I've been looking around and they all seem to be around £40+, is this the going rate? Cheers in advance. :blackrs4:
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    MX04FVM Who has it now, my old motor. (just wondered if it's in Audi-Sport ownership)

    8P1 2.0TDI Sport 3dr in Lava with FCA Symphony and Bose. Sent this car back to the leasing company in April 2007 with roughly 87k on it. Just wondered if anyone on here now owns this car, it was a good car for me and my mrs (was her co car), was thinking about it this morning and thought...
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    8P1 2.0Tdi Sport with 18'' RS6 and Eibach Sportlines (pic heavy)

    So, after owning lot's of VW's and various others I finally got an A3 8P1 Sport 2.0 Tdi in Mauritius Blue. Promised my Mrs I'd run it standard and keep it minimum 12months (yeah right). Anyhow, check out my car and let me know your thoughts, cheers. Day one, just a clean: Removed the...
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    Photoshop Request for my A3 allroad!!!1

    Could anyone who's good at this kind of thing do me a massive favour and lower my A3 down around 40mm, just looking to get an idea before I do the deed. Many thanks in advance. P.S. Not been a sunny day to get any decent pics, oh and car now has my 4NT plates firmly on!