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    Anyone else have issues with tyres going down over time?

    I have the standard 17 inch Avus wheels on my A4 and over time (probably 4-6 weeks) I find the tyre pressures deplete. I don't think I have any punctures as it happens on 3 of my tyres and has happened after replacement of tyres as well. Any known solutions bar replacing the alloys?? Cheers...
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    A4 1.9tdi Quattro engine revs clattering

    Hi Peeps, 150k 1.9 tdi AVF engine code and I seem to have an audible clatter that increases with the revs. Nothing showing up on VAG com but when in 3rd/4th gear it's loud enough to be heard with the window down when driving. Not so noticeable with in 5th or 6th so it seems to be louder the...
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    Rear Wash Limp

    Hi Guys, My B6 Avant has a limp rear washer! It use to spurt out very well, but now is a bit limp. No sign of breakage as no condensation inside or leaking out the boot when you open it.... Motor seems to work well and the front washers are fine! Where do i start, any ideas? Rich
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    A6 3.0 TDI Le Mans Avant

    Hi Guys, As everyone probably knows my ambition is to buy an A6 3.0 tdi le mans Avant because they are ace! Currently have an A4 1.9tdi Quatty and have loved it but it needs changing. Just trying to sort out how I finance the A6 3.0 I want. I ideally want a facelifted because they just...
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    A6 Le Mans 3,0TDI - Packs??

    Hi Guys, I want to get one of these soon and I just wandered if anyone had a link to all the different 'packs' this car could have etc? I see Phone - Low and Lighting - high on ads and not sure what it all means! Any help appreciated - or links to all this information if it's somewhere...
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    What's it worth?

    Hi Guys, I've had my 54 plate A4 Avant (last of the B6's) for a few years and I'm desperate to upgrade to a Le Mans A6 3.0tdi! Sadly, I can't afford the A6 at the moment but with a bit more saving and skimping I might make the jump. So, what would my A4 be worth to allow me to work out...
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    2.7 and 3.0 differences?

    Hi all, Im looking to purchase an A6 avant and looking at a Le Mans version, what are the main differences apart from the obvious between the two? is the 2.7 definitely more under powered? I'm looking at Quattro in both of course. Can the 2.7 be mapped to the equiv 3.0 power etc? Any...
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    Intercooler Pipe Corroded

    Hi, Has anyone else got a similiar issue - or had one - done a search but couldn't find anything. When looking down the front of the engine - between the airbox/engine/radiator there is a T-Piece which I believe are Intercooler pipe. One part of it is metal and mine is terribly...
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    Brake Pad Warning Loom

    Hi guys, I need to replace one of my front brake pad warning looms as it appears to have a break in it. Anyone know if it's plug and play replace or is it a cut and splice job? Cheers in advance! Rich
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    Looking at changing from A4 avant to A6 avant Le Mans!

    Hi all, Currently have an A4 avant 2004 Quattro and fancy an A6 Le Mans. Probably a 3.0 although open to information on any differences between the 2.7 and 3.0. I've picked up that manual will be cheaper tax and also 2009 cars onwards are advised... Any other hints and tips would be...
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    MFSW Upgrade!

    Hi Guys, Having just about to get Cruise sorted on the car, next upgrade would be MFSW.....and maybe RNS-E.... Quick question - I have an B6 Avant Sport with 3 spoke wheel and single airbag (not dual stage like B7's i believe) Now....I've been told there was never a 3 spoke MFSW wheel...
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    Heated Steering Wheel

    Hi All, I've bought a SCSM module that is Highline and accepts Heated Steering wheels, looking at limited feedback it looks like its not possible to get a Heated Steering Wheel easily but was just checking it's defiantly not something that's available easily for our cars? Rich
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    Side Airbag Removal and Refit

    Hi All, Anyone got access to instructions on how to remove and replace the Side Airbag on an Audi A4 B6 or similiar car? Need to replace mine...looks fairly easy but just don't know how much of the seat has to come apart! Taa Rich
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    Sanity Check with DIS

    Hi All, Can anyone with a DIS on a B6 check that you have as part of the scroll through options, one that measure how many miles you have done since you last reset it? (this needs to be in the DIS) not within the odometer... Cheers Rich
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    Gear Knob Options

    Hi Peeps, I've got a B6 Audi Avant 1.9tdi with the chrome kind of trim effect. Pretty standard gear knob... what easy options are there for upgrade? Part numbers and pics if possible? Cheers Rich
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    Audi Concert 2 Stereo Whirs Evertime put Ignition On

    Any ideas...everytime I put my ignition on, the CD player whirs on my Audi Concert my B6 Audi Avant... Does other peoples do this? Its like the noise of a CD being ejected although no CD ejects and the Device works fine...just find it odd.... No errors on VAG com for CD player or...
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    Airbag Help! Not the Usual!

    Hi All, Got an Audi A4 B6 Avant...124k miles.... Had a problem with drivers side, side airbag not long after I got it... yellow connector was cut out and professional job on rejoining spliced wires together completed, no further issues. Same happened on passenger side, same error, when...
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    HID Kit Audi A4 Avant 2004 B6

    Hi, I was advised to speak with T8rups about a HID kit that is recommended for my car above which doesn't give DIS errors etc and will fit in the headlight cavity..... also looking for LED side lights and white dipped beam to match 6000k hids... Are advice at all? Thread I posted on...
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    Confused with Steering Wheel Controller!

    Hi Guys, Looking at Cruise Control for my audi A4 Avant 2004 1.9TDI Sport. It has a 3 spoke steering wheel with on board computer (MPG/Length Driven) but no Steering Wheel Controls. VAG com/VCDS lite say the VAG NUMBER is 8E0 953 549S which on RossTechs site says is not compatable with...
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    What to do with a Concert II Stereo?

    Hi All, Done a bit of searching and found various bits of info... basically I have a Concert II stereo... pretty bog standard....Single CD Player...Radio and Radio info pipes through to the DIS.... I would like to upgrade it but not spend thousands.... (IE can't really afford a double...