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  1. atkins14

    Sold Audi S3 8P 2007 Phantom Black (305+BHP) - £7200 ono (Cheshire)

    I have my well loved 2007 Audi S3 8P 3-Door in Phantom Black for sale, owned for just over 7 years. Looking to get a larger family car now. Not in a major rush to sell the car, but just don’t get much use out of it anymore. Looking at around £7200 ono, car location is near Chester (Cheshire)...
  2. atkins14

    LED Daylight Running Bulbs (DRL) don't need resistors S3 8P - Only VCDS

    I have been having a look over the forum or the web but haven't managed to find anything, so apologies if this has been mentioned before. Since putting LED's in my 2007 S3 8P as my DRL, I've always used a resistor to cancel the Bulb Dash error. I know some people might have successfully got...
  3. atkins14

    So I designed and 3D printed... Armrest Annoyance, is it just me??

    So it's been bugging me for a long time. The armrest in my S3 8P... As I don't put my phone in the phone prep, I fill it with numerous items. These items then slide back to where the hinge is and then cannot shut. Yes I can not fill it with anything, but then it's a bit of a waste of convenient...
  4. atkins14

    S3 8P Slipping Clutch - Uprated clutch kit and advice needed

    Well I have my 2007 S3 8P which is at stage 1 currently, however since then I have also added a full exhaust system with sports cat. My clutch slip has become more noticeable over the pass couple months, the car has now done 80K. I have already searched the forum and seen some old posts...
  5. atkins14

    Anyone replaced S3 8p rear brake piston and seals? Where to get them?

    Well basically, my car has been at the garage today to get new discs and pads all round, however it appears that my rear drivers side piston is screwed and needs replacing. I am wondering if anyone has ordered a kit including the piston? Car is a 2007 S3, and it has the TRW calliper. I have...
  6. atkins14

    £30K Budget... what Audi to buy?

    Sadly not for myself, but my friend is looking to buy a second hand Audi. He would like a larger car that is suitable for a kid and pushchair etc. Looking for nothing older than a 2013 car and preferably under 30,000 miles on the clock and a budget of up to £30K We have looked at the 2015...
  7. atkins14

    Cruise control fitting service around Liverpool?

    Been searching but cannot find anywhere really local with a decent price. Looking to get cruise control supplied and fitted to my 2007 S3 8P with mfsw around the Liverpool area. Anyone know of anyone able to help? Thanks Pete
  8. atkins14

    Anyone in Edinburgh able to change DIS from KPH to MPH?

    So I did something plugging in my vag-cam cable to my S3 8P... It's changed my DIS to kph now. Anyone in Edinburgh this weekend with VCDS that can help?
  9. atkins14

    What are self levelling Xenon's meant to do on start up??

    Well I have had a look on the forum but couldn't really find what I was looking for. My car 2007 S3 8P. My car came with factory Xenon lights, everytime I would turn on the lights the beam would point down, then back up again. However the otherday it stopped working and the beam just pointed...
  10. atkins14

    My Custom Design and built AV cabinet.. lots of pics!

    Well it has taken me a while to finally post my build thread of my custom AV cabinet. I had been searching for a suitable cabinet to fit all my equipment in for a while, but there was nothing I could find that met my requirements. The problems I was having was nothing was quite deep enough to...
  11. atkins14

    My S3 8P build progress so far...

    Having had my S3 8P for a couple months now, I have had a few minor modifications... The first thing that annoyed me was not having my ipod display track names, as my original RNS-e unit was the Mk1 with a dension unit, I changed that out for the MKII and AMI unit! Did the standard...
  12. atkins14

    Help! Car won't Start... Video Attached

    Tried to start the car this morning but it won't start... didn't have time to try and find anyone to jump it before work or look too much into it. Going to try and go back on my lunch to see if it is battery related but thought I would post here 1st. I have attached a video to see if anyone has...
  13. atkins14

    Mysterious interior boot light stopped working?

    Was changing all my interior lights with LED's the other day, got to the final one, boot light, plugged it in both ways but didn't work. Tried to put the original halogen bulb back in, that still didn't work. Shut the boot and re-opened etc. Got the multimeter on it and is showing no power to...
  14. atkins14

    iPod display on RNS-e 2G? Is there something newer than Alpine KCE-425i?

    I know there are numerous threads regarding this subject all over the web, but nothing quite up to date. I have the RNS-e 2g system in my 2007 S3 with the 6-cd player in the glove compartment, I also have the Dension gateway 300 which I have my ipod connect to which works fine, besides the...
  15. atkins14

    New owner of Audi S3 8P in Liverpool

    Hi guys, I am now the proud owner of a 2007 Audi S3 8P, I'm a boat designer, design engineer residing on Liverpool Docks. Here are a few little snaps... :happy: Pete
  16. atkins14

    New owner of Audi S3 8P

    Hi guys, I am the proud new owner of a 2007 Audi S3 8P, currently residing on Liverpool Docks, as a boat designer, design engineer. Here are a few quick pictures anyway. :happy: Pete