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  1. docurley

    Android RNS-E

    This may help with the facial
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    Android RNS-E

    Make sense, do you not have a steering wheel with those controls on it as they will still work with these units and with the option to custom program buttons or if not think about upgrading the steering wheel if not, I'm sure that would be easier some how and be a cleaner look.
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    Android RNS-E

    Let me see if I can help here. Personally I would lose the idea of a RNS-E look a d go for a clean touch screen like this unit #Aliexpress £186.92 15%OFF | 9" PX6 4G+64G Android 9.0 Car Multimedia Player For AUDI A4 S4 RS4 8E 8F B9 B7 RNS-E SEAT Exeo 5*USB TDA7850 GPS Navi Radio HDMI...
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    OK I did some more homework and the b7 lights are all the same it's the b6 where there different.
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    Easy way to see if I'm incorrect is go to eurocarparts and have a look, Cabs have limited option and different part numbers from a saloon/avant.
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    Nice find, second one for me
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    Different shape I'm afraid, they took similar but they are not so there is no way of retro fitting them you your car. Took a look online and there is nothing out there for you so I would suggest upgrading to projector lights from a cab if you haven't already got them which will mean an adaptor...
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    Sedan and Avant are the same, cabs are different. Another option is to smarten up your own and if your a bit handy upgrade the stock units. There are lots of options out there to give them a modern look. "Have a look at what have you done to your car" thread, I just did mine.
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    Just make sure you buy cab lights
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    What have you done to your Audi A4 B7 today?

    Did some headlight work
  11. docurley

    Headlight mod

    Well with all this spare time on my hands I thought I would pull together all the bits and Bobs I have been collecting and upgrade my lights.
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    RS4 B7 ECU Cover

    The main ECU is under the cover on the left all sealed up.
  13. docurley

    Android RNS-E

    I must have been missing all the updates on this, sorry. I will be upgrading to a 8 core version soon so will update with that plus if you connect a SSD drive (I have a 250gb) they will read them if people are running out of space and the new ones will allow you to merge it to the system storage...
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    Sat Nav traffic warnings?!

    Just get a Android head unit that looks like the original.
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    Thought I would post up some pics of mine and some of the mods I have done on the way.
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    Talk to me aboutB7 DRC.

    The only way to keep DRC is to buy replacement shocks then have the system refilled. The main problem is the shocks leaking and once one shock goes the chances are it's opposite will need replacing as you don't want the cost of around £220 to get it refilled and it goes again. Then you have the...
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    Android RNS-E

    There are 8 core processor versions out there with 2gb of ram so look for one of them
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    Hi all, new here and some advice

    Seat bolster are bound to have wear but can be fixed as they are just covers and should not cost more than £200 each side worse case. Your not going to see the oil cooler lines without removing the undertray and ramp. Aux rads are also hard to see if leaking but check the header tank for...