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  1. MarkyM

    DTUK TCU+ gearbox flash review

    Thanks SfC, I am sure it will be a complete hoot in the summer and with a 450w B&W system in it I find my 16yr old son has to turn down the volume as (the sub is in the passenger footwell) and the vibrations give him a headache...poor dear!
  2. MarkyM

    DTUK TCU+ gearbox flash review

    Apologies for posting on an Audi Forum (I do own a remapped Audi A6/C6 however). I fitted a TCU+ gearbox flash to my 2014 Jaguar XK Dynamic R last November (I purchased the car in Oct 18), appreciate not the best time to do it since really can't drive in a spirited fashion with 510PS to the...
  3. MarkyM

    Need another new set of LED numberplate lights

    I fitted some cheapy ones off Ebay from China 3yrs back, no issues but are a tad bright. No canbus reported issues either.
  4. MarkyM

    Mutiple Fault Codes Since Belt Snapped

    Guys (Especially Dessert Storm I have a UK RHD 2007 Audi A6 C6 3.0tdi Can you share where the N290 fuse is in my car? It's been off the road for 3 months and have changed The lift pump The fuel pump relays (twice) The HPFP The fuel pressure sensor The Fuel Pressure regulator The Fuel...
  5. MarkyM

    My A6 3.0TDi Avant bit of a rebuild and repair thread.

    B5 this is an awesome write-up...perhaps you and Gups need to make babies!!?? :scared2:
  6. MarkyM

    Thinking about a C6

    My understanding of the C6 with ACC (from Chris on another forum) is that the telltale sign is the 4 inch black square sensor below the numberplate. Looking on autotrader there are supposedly 51 with ACC but when you look at the pictures only one has ACC if the black sensor also applies to...
  7. MarkyM

    Thinking of selling where would you suggest ?

    Don't touch autotrader, had my jag on their and just scam messages for the 4 weeks :( Defo pistonheads or on here. Would get a better price if we had more of the slippery stuff...was positively balmy today :)
  8. MarkyM

    Audi A6 V6 TDi Intake Manifold EGR cleaning refurbishment help & info ...

    Ordered the 3 gaskets for the EGR assembly on my 3.0 from dealer and came to around £15, will attempt an EGR clean in this slightly milder weather over the next few days..and will post up the part no's for the gaskets Weirdly at over 100k miles (22k in my ownership) my TB butterfly looks like...
  9. MarkyM

    battery discharge

    Test of battery chargers seen here: Battery chargers tested | Product Reviews | Auto Express It took a full 5 days to totally recondition my 07 battery, so lucky I had another car to use, but as we know it's best to slow/intelligently charge our cars as opposed to getting the most robust...
  10. MarkyM

    Sold the C5, here's the new C6

    Invest in a decent battery charger, something from the CTEK range (3.5 upwards) and charge the battery for a few days if possible, could be that it's fine and just needs some deep conditioning and certainly don't replace unless it won't take a charge. The charger will serve you well for many...
  11. MarkyM

    Audi a6 2010 seats

    Mine still look new after 100k miles and the leather seems thick and hardwearing. Less so on my Jag with oatmeal leather, I find that lighter colours wear worse and suffer more UV/heat damage than any other colour, also with black an scuffs can be covered easily (read as black permenant...
  12. MarkyM

    Audi A6 V6 TDi Intake Manifold EGR cleaning refurbishment help & info ...

    Gup I never tire of your dirty pictures m8 :applaus:
  13. MarkyM

    battery discharge

    100% on MMI battery display isn't a good gauge as to battery charge/condition as it's totally ballpark. Mine read 100% and took 5 days on a CTEK charger for that to advise of full charge/peak condition. I ensure that any periods of non-use greater than 72hrs I have the battery on charge...
  14. MarkyM

    Anyone considered Terraclean?

    Jim If they have MOT facilities get them to do an emissions test before and after (also ask if they'll test after 1000 miles), that way you can see the emissions improvements in real terms (which some feel don't exist). As you know there those that require empirical evidence, and your garage...
  15. MarkyM

    what alloys???

    ^^^ Chris am confused as always thought the larger the wheel the harsher the ride (since you'd have less rubber to act as a cushion)? Coupled with the facts that: 1) Tyre choice is at least halved when you move up to 19's and furthr halved at 20, so there's a lot more choice at 18 2) Larger...
  16. MarkyM

    Calling ALL A6 owners - PICS Post them on up I won't say!:applaus:
  17. MarkyM

    Audi A6 warranty

    I bought my 07 3.0 A6 SE quattro privately and am too considering Warranty Direct, I think they quoted me £650 for a year and £1100 for 2yrs, weirdly there was no greater discount for 3yrs. Personally I'd go for an indy repair now yours is outside of warranty..depends which is closest to you...
  18. MarkyM

    Transmission Fluid for 07 3.0 TDi Quattro Tip - Price comparison

    ZF say every 80k miles, however if you've bought yours 2nd hand you'll not be aware of how it was used and any problems For example: If it has a towbar it's logical to assume it's been used to tow, if so they say every 30k miles if half of that has been towing If the engine has overheated in...
  19. MarkyM

    Transmission Fluid for 07 3.0 TDi Quattro Tip - Price comparison

    Fishy, you're right in about 99% of cases, however there are some transmission places that have the facility to pump new fluid through the torque converter effectively purging it of all old oil...when it runs clean they then stop. Bristol don't have this but will do the standard job for £280...