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  1. Maz

    Steering Calibration - anyone available in NI?

    Hi there, can anyone possibly help recalibrate the steering on my S3. I have the instructions as to what needs to be done but not the software to do it I recently changed the ignition barrel and managed to pop the clock spring/airbag ribbon out. Put everything back together but I now have...
  2. Maz

    S3 8L Engine Cover / Battery Cover/ Coolant Cover - Bolts

    Hi Dave, Looing to replace the bolts for the plastic covers in my engine bay. Can you let me know price including delivery. Thanks
  3. Maz

    Oil on Ignition Coil

    Hi all, decided to do the N249 bypass today which I managed with ease thanks to the various guides on the forum. Also managed to replace some perished hoses with some Forge items which was nice m easy. Coil packs were also going to be replaced with some red top versions but I noticed a...
  4. Maz

    Leaky Hose

    Hello all, anyone know the name or part number for the hose that's leaking in the pic? Got a day off tomorrow and plan to show the car some much needed tlc.
  5. Maz

    2 seater soft top between 5k-10k for Sister - What would you go for?

    Morning all, my sister is looking for a new car, her trusty old Polo is getting on a bit and it's time to move on. She ideally wants an SLK but I suggested the MX5 or TT would be better, what would you guys suggest. We have a healthy budget to work with so there should be a hell of a lot of...
  6. Maz

    Centre lower bumper grille

    Just a quick one, noticed the front of my car didn't look quite right after a long drive. To my surprise the lower centre grille somehow worked it's way off and was sitting within the bumper recess... Not sure how this happened, I definitely didn't hit anything and there is no damage at all...
  7. Maz

    Light under ashtray has stopped working

    Morning all, my S3 has thrown up another little annoying fault which needs fixing. The little led strip positioned under the ashtray no longer works. I've had a look and removed the plastic guard which protects the strip and I can't see any loose wires or signs of a problem. Any ideas...
  8. Maz

    Suede Steering Wheel from TT Quattro Sport

    Been thinking about getting one of these... Looks great in S3 Kev's but not sure what airbag to use? Will the S3 airbag fit or should I get the TT one?
  9. Maz

    Anyone fitted a stubby aerial from a new Polo?

    Do they fit ok? My one looks like a dog has chewed it so I need a new one
  10. Maz

    Coolant Leak... Help with part name/number

    Hello, I noticed this part was leaking a while ago and now that it's getting worse I want to replace it asap. Can someone help with the name/number of the part, how much it its likely to cost to replace, is it worth replacing with a genuine part and is it an easy DIY fix? Thanks.
  11. Maz

    Badger V2 TIP Fitted

    Evening all, just thought I'd add my thoughts and a few pics of the V2 TIP Heat-shield and BMC Dual Cone Filter I had fitted at Badger 5 today. I've been patiently waiting to get my hands on one of these ever since the V1 was released having read all the positive feedback but wasn't able to for...
  12. Maz

    Apexi Filter's - got a 2nd chance on eBay for a pair I only need one...

    Hi guys, just checking if any of you wanted a decent filter at a good price? The auction was for a pair but I only need one of them. According to the seller he has four so as the second highest bidder I've got first dibs on the second pair. eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Just need...
  13. Maz

    LED Fogs / Side light upgrade

    Hi all, thought it was about time I treated the old girl to some new goodies to freshen things up a bit. These little LED treats popped through the post today: 18 SMD H7 eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace 5 SMD Ultra White 501 Side Lights eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace Also got...
  14. Maz

    ...Help, electrical / brake lights issue nightmare!

    Evening all, It's cold, dark, my hands are shredded and I'm about to set light to the car if i can’t get it sorted. This all started with the little bulb warning with the x in the middle light up on the dash this past week. I noticed the passenger side brake light wasn't working. Tried...
  15. Maz

    Coolant level warning, temp gauge reading 120c!!!!

    Morning all, I've had this issue with the car for the past week now and need some pointers as to what might be causing it. All is well when the car is moving but once sat in a bit of traffic or at the lights the gauge starts rising rapidly hitting a worrying 120c. In the past week I've had...
  16. Maz

    Anthracite BBS RC

    Hello peeps, I've been itching to change my S4 reps for a while now but it's been damn hard trying to find a better suiting alloy wheel for the S3 imo. My search luckily came to an end last week when I spotted some powder coated anthracite BBS RC on eBay which I had to have... So, having...
  17. Maz

    S3 & Olympic Stadium

    I live local to the site and wanted to get some better shots but this was the closest I could get with the car without being stopped by security... The Veledrome and Aquatics Centre look amazing from a far but I couldn't see them from where this pic was taken. Want to try taking some outrageous...
  18. Maz

    BBS RC going cheap... NOT!

    They're nice but not at that price, am I missing something??? vw golf anniversary 18" BBS RC 5x100 alloy wheels tt a3 on eBay (end time 14-Feb-11 05:57:39 GMT) Who on earth would buy them at that price?
  19. Maz

    S3 Relay Layout

    Hello all, Does any one have an S3 relay layout or diagram? My rear demister stopped working months ago and I've been told the relay may be the problem. I've found plenty of wiring layouts/diagrams for other Audi's online, none for the 8L :( Help would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  20. Maz

    Tyres??? Michelin PS2 or Conti-Sport-Contact 3

    Hi guys, need to replace all four as my ps1's have had it. I've been offered Michelin PS2 or Continental SC3 for £132 each. Which ones would you go for?