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  1. The Challinor

    Facelift Upgraded reverse lights

    Anyone upgraded their reverse lights to something a lot brighter? Always thought they ain’t great but maybe it’s a age thing ( 30 next year ) but I couldn’t see a thing the other night reversing in the dark.
  2. The Challinor

    Squeaky back wiper

    Both me and my wife ( A1 and S3 ) have a squeaky back wiper they goes through me each time I reverse and it’s raining. What’s the best product to use to stop it occurring
  3. The Challinor

    Facelift Folding mirrors or High beam assist ???

    Just finalising my FL SB BE S3 spec before it’s built in WK50. Managed to get everything I wanted under 40K and have enough for either folding mirrors ( which I’ve had on previous 2 S3’s - can’t remember if my first one had it ) or high beam assist which I kinda forgot to spec last time as it’s...
  4. The Challinor

    Facelift 3 or 4 years PCP with the New New S3 in mind

    Unsure on whether to take the FL S3 out on an 3 or 4 year deal. 3 years: £455 PM 4 years £405 PM Considering I’ll be taking delivery 1st March 2018 the new S3 could be maybe 18 - 24 months away so let’s say March 2020. ( Let’s face it I’m a S3 man for life now [emoji23] ) 3 years would time...
  5. The Challinor

    Facelift CarPlay dock / cradle

    I like the addition of CarPlay on the facelift but plugging it in is kinda annoying ( especially as I’ve fitted a wireless charger to my current S3 ). I got to thinking about some sort of dock that you could slide your iPhone into ( getting the X on Friday, have the 8 plus atm ). Just makes...
  6. The Challinor

    Facelift Show me your Rotor Grey interior!

    As the above really, had full black leather in the past 3 S3’s so fancy a change. Should have had the very light grey in The Hulk ( forget the name now ), this time must change it up! [emoji28]
  7. The Challinor

    Well I guess my 4th S3 in a row was just inevitable

    It's well documented on here that I've owned each generation of S3 since I was 19 and I'm 30 next August! Bar a couple of Punto's and a Corsa 1.8 SRI I've not known owned anything else, driven plenty of cars in that time but I've always had an S3. The Hulk is due back end of September next...
  8. The Challinor

    Old 1.6 diesel to new MY15 plate 1.6

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone had moved from the original 1.6 to the new one. Found the old one to be quite noisy and hoping they have refined it in the newer models.
  9. The Challinor

    Well Audi had the fastest hatch for a very short while....
  10. The Challinor

    Colours catching on with limited edition S3's
  11. The Challinor

    AMI socket on facelift A1

    Quick one, is it still in the glovebox? Thanks!
  12. The Challinor

    Shell White A1

    Anyone ordered one or got any pics of a A1 in Shell White??
  13. The Challinor

    RS3 with ACC

    I knew it existed!
  14. The Challinor

    A1 quattro vs S1
  15. The Challinor

    RS3 Saloon 1/2 confirmed

    [emoji33] I guess would be UK as well.
  16. The Challinor

    My worst nightmare, a velvet / velour steering wheel

    Admittedly fitted to a RS4 but just had to share, looks worn already as well.
  17. The Challinor

    Downpipe anyone
  18. The Challinor

    What car will BH swap to next

    Who knows? Hats off to BH for being much more indecisive then me
  19. The Challinor

    Machine polish windscreen

    Partners windscreen on her A1 is pretty scratched and it annoys me when sitting it in so I thought I'd wack out the DA and give it a polish. Anyone recommend a certain pad / polish to do the job with a DA.
  20. The Challinor

    A1 2 wheel or 4 wheel alignment

    As title, partners A1 needs wheel alignment and need to know whenever its 2 or 4 wheel alignment.