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    Haha, hadn't noticed that! Shocker.
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    Currently on eBay! Audi S3 RS4 2.7 Bi Turbo MTM conversion 472ps | eBay
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    Aberdeen Meet

    I should be there, at least for a short while. See you there folks.
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    Aberdeen Meet

    I'd love to attend this but unfortunately some idiot with a Range Rover Sport decided to reverse in to the front of my beautiful RS4 while it was parked up and minding it's own business... so it will probably be in a bodyshop having a facelift. :3sadwalk: Martay - what are you talking about...
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    Admiral quoted me £530 fully comp with protected full ncb for mine, with all mods and my 3 points declared. I went with Adrian Flux in the end though - £170 for 9 months (ok, that's on top of what i'd already paid them for the S3)! I'm 31, living in a safe area and nobody else is on the policy.
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    Anthracite R32 Alloys on S3... Opinions Please!

    Any excuse to show it off! 2001 Audi RS4 Nogaro Blue 'Hi-Tech' Interior Alcantara steering wheel and gear knob Sat Nav / TV Bilstein PSS9 coilovers H&R ARBs Revo remap to 420ish bhp Uprated panel filter Gutted pre-cats Short Shifter Porsche 996 Turbo 'Oettinger' Brembo front brakes...
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    Anthracite R32 Alloys on S3... Opinions Please!

    I've sold the S3 so these wheels are now up for sale in the classified section. I guess this is as good a place as any to say thanks to all the people on the S3 forum who helped me out in the 2.5 years I had the car. I've now got the B5 RS4 i've always wanted, but i'm sure i'll have an S3...
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    RS4 b5 progress thread

    Excellent. Class colour, is it called Santorin? I'm currently looking to trade up from S3 to RS4 myself (it's about bloomin' time!), so this info is great thanks. So, if anyone knows of a well cared-for B5 RS4 for sale please let me know!
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    Brothers.... Lend me your ears.... do I return to the fold?

    P/ex for my S3? Having not been on here for a while I didn't even know you'd bought an RS4 - just saw your ad on SRS a minute ago! Your RS4 looks mean.
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    S3 Versus S5!

    Sorry, hard to tell if there's sarcasm or not in a text-based format!
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    S3 Versus S5!

    I don't understand. Are you saying you don't believe me or something else?
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    S3 Versus S5!

    Just had a little good spirited tussel with a silver S5. Now, i'm not sure if it was the 4.2 V8 or the 3.0 supercharged one. Had a private plate, C12 *** I think. Anyway, it was in front of me at some lights in an industrial estate. He gunned it off the line and I took a second to react then...
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    Reesy Your inbox is full

    I read that as 'pays with sheep' and was just wondering what the £ to sheep exchange rate was.
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    W3STY's Progress Thread

    R32 rear ARB with FloFlex poly bushes here. All good, although my car developed a squeaking noise over speedbumps ever since - does need a replacement drop link though so can't be sure what's causing the squeak. Anyone else with FloFlex rear ARB bushes noticed a squeak over speed bumps?
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    What car shall i get next?

    Very rarely will an R32 see more than 260bhp with any mods short of cams or forced induction (£££££). I had a look at rolling road results, at Awesome I think, and standardish cars were making about 230 - 240, remapped ones with Milltek were 240 - 250ish. Not that much torque either. I was...
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    Routledge's S3 Thread

    Good stuff. You seem to know what you're doing! Get a few photos up! S3s are very rare in Avus Silver you know (or is yours a blue i'm not aware of?).
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    Parking - Frame and Shame

    Here's what happened to a guy's RS4 on my local VW forum when he parked between two spaces... Gotta say you're asking for it if you park across two bays. Having said that the perp is clearly still a ****er for desecrating an RS4! The RS4 had just had a respray 2 weeks earlier aswell...
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    So, it was down for maintenance today and now it's back it has been RUINED. Oh well. Anyone with website skills want to create a site that looks and functions just like the old Pistonheads?
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    Mk2 gti 8v track slag

    Isn't it a little big for autotesting? Or are there different categories? Looks like you've made a good start on a solid track car mate! Good luck with it.
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    What car shall i get next?

    Your mate bought the wrong one then! Post 2001 (when Ferrari bought Maserati) Ferrari addressed the 3200s reliablity problems, which were mainly suspension related if I remember rightly. It's still not going to be perfect and will be more expensive to fix than an S3 or Boxster, obviously, but...