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    For Sale CETE RS3 8V Exhaust Flap Controller

    Selling my RS3 exhaust flap controller. It’s only 3 weeks old and was bought new direct from CETE Looking for £250 Ono
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    Sold my RS3

    So after 5 months I have sold my RS3. While it was a great car it just never hit the spot for me. It was very quick, handled well and could pretty much leave anything on a B road but by being this good it just didn’t excite me like a high powered rear drive car. I have actually gone back to AMG...
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    Sold BlackVue dr9000 4K 2ch Dashcam

    Hi al Selling my Blackvue dr900s-2ch 4K dashcam. Comes with the BlackVue 16gb SD card. Its only 6 months old and is boxed with all the cables etc £300 Ono
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    Chrome to Gloss Black (wrap)

    Hi all, I know this subject comes up a lot and I struggled to find some good posts on the subject so I thought I would share some details, thoughts and photos on the wrapping of the chrome. As you know my car come with the chrome window surrounds, mirrors and grill as I didn’t go for the sport...
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    It’s finally here

    Hi all, Well after a few months wait it’s finally here. I picked it up a few weeks ago but held off posting as I was waiting for the de chrome and the detail. Spec is Audi RS3 Nardo Grey Black leather with rock grey stitching Titanium wheels Comfort and sound pack Sports pack Auto...
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    New car built Early

    Hi all According to the Audi tracker my car is now built which is a full month early and is now in quality control. Anyone know roughly how long it now takes to get to the dealer??
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    New owner

    Hi all I have just placed an order for a new RS3 due to be delivered in Feb/March. I current have a w205 c63 that will be going back to merc around the same time. Amazing car but built badly (Rattles like a box of Lego) and 9.8mpg now and again is painful. I have gone for a Nardo grey RS3...