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  1. DBXdarkangel

    Driving Your S3 / A3 At Speed = Twats

    just a quick post to say to all you people on here that think driving at speed in ur S3`s or A3`s is cool and "im a good driver at speed". maybe you should read this i remember a few dicks on this forum who said that they can drive at...
  2. DBXdarkangel

  3. DBXdarkangel

    A3 Turbo Problem?

    hey guys, ive got a 1999 1.8 T A3 and this morning i noticed when i accelerate hard over 3000 rpm, there was a loss in power and i could hear like air escaping. similair to the dump valve / blow off valve noise. my engine is completly standard except the custome code stage one. just had a quick...
  4. DBXdarkangel

    A3 Rear Windows?

    hey guys, just a quick question. is it possible to remove the rear windows on a 3dr A3? im wanting to no this as my rear quarter windows open with a latch and theres lots of grim and dirt on the paint work were the windows seat againts the rear quarter.
  5. DBXdarkangel

    Orbital buffer? what ya think?

    thinking of buying this what ya think? i no its no profesional machine but wil lit do the job?
  6. DBXdarkangel

    A3 1.8 Turbo Electrics Under Stearing Wheel?

    PICS BELOW Post hey guys. whilst cleaning my car today i noticed under the stearing wheel adjuster, there is a white box that looks like some kinda ecu? it has a blue connector that looks like a phone jack. a red, white, yellow phono socket too. i also noticed a small whit cable coming out of...
  7. DBXdarkangel

    A3 1.8T Lowering?

    hey guys, im just about to order a lowering kit for my A3 1.8Turbo 1999. im torn between a 30mm kit, a 40mm kit an ive also seen a 50/30 kit. has anyone got pics of the diff between a 30mm kit and a 40mm kit. just wanna see how low and if i should just go for a 30mm ride. ie been told by...
  8. DBXdarkangel

    A3 1.8Turbo Suspension Upgrade / Lowering?

    hi guys, im wanting to no if i can fit lowering shocks and springs all round an not have to change any ARB`s or bushes? basicaly i need a new front shocker for my A3 1.8Turbo. but as a new shocker is like £50 then might as well replace the whole set front and rear and lower it too but not sure...
  9. DBXdarkangel

    A3 S-LINE Leather Gear Knob removal?

    hey guys, ive just got a A3 S-LINE Leather Gear Knob delivered today an wanna no how to remove just the knob form the gaiter. in pic 4 theres a black plastic clip thats seperate from the knob...
  10. DBXdarkangel

    Audi A3 1.8T Sub Change?

    hey guys, call me a Noob if u like but im thinking of buying this its a Vibe: CBR12 EVO Active - 12" Active sub. ive read andys threads regarding the cutting of wires directly that goto the standard sub in my boot but i gotta...
  11. DBXdarkangel

    A3 No Dash Lights An Wont Tick Over?

    so i took out my dash / clocks with the ignition off to have a look at the lcd flickering. i then put back the clocks with just the 3 colour coded connectors with the ingnition off again. now when i try to start the car the clocks dont light up at all and the fuel needle dont move and the car...
  12. DBXdarkangel

    A3 Suspension Bushes?

    hey guys, ive got a rumble noise from the front suspension when going over bumps. also feels abit unsteady when going round corners at speed. ive had it on ramps an it all looks ok. been told it need some wishbone bushes and whilst i change them im thinking of changing all the necessary bushes...
  13. DBXdarkangel

    Audi A3 Rear Brakes?

    hey guys, im wanting to buy a set of rear brake discs and pads but not the cheap **** from e-gay. its for my 1999 A3 1.8 T thanks in advance
  14. DBXdarkangel

    Genuine A3 Parts?

    hey guys, im wanting to buy some service parts for my audi a3 18 T from the UK. namely oil and air filter. sump plug and such like. anyone no were the buy them online? not ebay tho. a proper shop would be great. thanks.