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    central locking/windows&roof

    Does a new central locking pump need coding to my keys? Does the central locking pump from an a3 work on s3? Is there any way to open the boot from inside the car? Thanks.
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    Dogbone mount bolts

    Does anyone know the part number/size of the 4 bolts for the mount? Thanks.
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    Traction control going nuts

    Hello all, Just had steering rack changed on my Audi S3. But now when i turn around corners with accelerator pedal down a bit ( not hammering it, just normal driving ), traction control is going berserk until wheels are straight. Anyone got any ideas?
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    Lambda sensor

    Is there diffrent sensors for diffrent engine codes? Or are all the 1.8t pre-cat sensors the same? Thanks in advance.
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    Heater motors

    Are they all the same for the S3/A3s etc? Thanks
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    ABS Issues

    I got the clutch changed at my normal garage it came out of the garage with the ESP and ABS lights on. I Asked them to turn them off and they said they cant it must be a sensor. So they changed the sensor light went out. BUT on driving it away the brakes went nuts. Sometimes i pressed them and...
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    S3 corner weight setup

    Can anyone recommend a place for setting up corner weight around Sheffield?
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    S3 Tyres?

    Few questions on tyres for S3. Anyone recommend any good tyres ? Also does it make much difference if the fronts are different to the rears? Using Pirelli P zero Neros at the minute but the fronts are nearly gone and they've done next to no miles. Thanks
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    Alarm Control Module

    Hello, My alarm went crazy last night so i took the siren and the alarm module out. To find one of the pins on the on the top layer has snapped off. Ive had a search on eBay for them. The part number that's on the module is the same but all the other numbers are different. Would this make a...
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    S3 Brake problem.

    The S3 needed an ABS sensor so i took it to the garage. Picked it up later that day and the brakes were all over the place. Sometimes they were spot on then next time i pushed them it was dragging to the right and the time after that it would feel like ABS is stuck on. So i took it back and...
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    Clutch :s

    Can anyone give me some advice. Had a new standard clutch put in a few weeks ago did like 200 miles and a 3000 rev start exploded it. Cars running like 260 lbs of torque. Clutch defect? or too much torque? Thanks in advance.
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    LCR Top strut mount?

    What year do they have to be? Or does it not matter? Thanks in advance.
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    Stuck on bleeding brakes

    Just bled them with eezibleed, Pedal is firm with car off. Turn car on and pedal goes to the floor. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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    Cruise Control?

    Been looking around for the kit for cruise control for my A3, but my engine code is AKL. Ive seen the post that Tuffy linked to the cruise control he uses but my its not compatible with my car. Anyone got any other ideas?
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    Broken pipe, but no idea what its called.

    The pipe has a peice of silcone hose attached to it going to the copper joint that goes to the oil catch tank. Does anyone know what is it? Thanks in advance.
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    S3 Suspension Need some advice

    Well, took S3 to a track day on sunday. Loved it! But we are in need of some better/stiffer suspension pretty much just for track use. Thanks in advance.
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    Is there a decent rolling road near Sheffield?

    Just wanting to put S3 on a decent rolling road before we take it to a track day on 15th of April. Thanks
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    Drop Links

    Just changed both wishbones but on the new wishbones the drop links dont tighten fully? Any ideas? Thanks
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    Knock when steering left

    Ive just changed the near side track rod end and wish bone to stop the knocking when going over speed bumps and pot holes, to find ive got another knock on the near side when steering left. Can anyone help? Thanks
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    S3 or A3 Track car?

    Hello all, As we are selling the 205 track car we've had for years we are wanting something with a bit more power. So which do you think would be the better option? A3 Or S3 and reasons why please. Thanks alot.