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    Revo Select for sale

    Now sold :sm4::sm4:
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    You could also try this site for some good advice.
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    Revo Select for sale

    Anyone ?
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    Chipped your Audi?

    I have used Revo before, just switched it back to stock when going in for a service and the dealers have never mentioned anything amiss. I even had some warranty work done and again nothing from the dealers
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    2.0 TFSi Quattro MPG

    I have my 07 plate 2.0 T FSI Quattro for almost 2 years and I get 22 MPG. My driving is almost all in London though.
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    Revo Select for sale

    Hi All, I have a Revo select device for sale £80 ono. The device is pretty much brand new and has only been used twice. It comes with the original box and instructions, PM me if you are interested.
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    Owners 2.0T FSI Quattro question

    Can you get to 60mph in 2nd gear, mine gets to about 55ish (speedo reading) before it redlines ?
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    1/4 mile advice

    Thanks guy's. I thought bringing the clutch to just before the biting point and feeding quickly and progressively would be the best way but was not too sure. Like anything practice makes perfect but as I've never done this before I will probably get a bit nervous and screw it up on my first...
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    1/4 mile advice

    I'm thinking of taking my car to a RWYB day at the Pod but I have never done a 1/4 mile sprint before so was hoping someone can give me some pointers as to getting a good start. The cars quattro so I guess I do not have to worry about excessive wheelspin off the line but do I take the rev's to...
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    New A3 MPG

    The tank was not full when I took delivery but I then filled it up and reset the counter to zero, I had to fill up again today after 240 miles and got 51 litres in. I have not ragged it since delivery but most of my journies are in London in the rush hour so very seldom get out of 2nd/3rd gear...
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    New A3 MPG

    Can anyone tell me if the 2.0T FSI engines mpg improves with miles on the clock ? My car has only done 370 miles and at last fill up with optimax I got 240 miles to a tank whilst I used to get 260 miles in my 3.2 V6 but that had done over 10K. Cheers
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    McGaurd v Audi

    Can anyone tell me if the Audi standard locking wheel nut is as good as Mcguard ones ? Thanks
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    Santapod Visit 21/5 - My 1/4 run vid

    Can someone tell me when you do a 1/4 mile does your total time include reaction time or does the time start once you are moving and reaction time is a seperate stat ?
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    Swirls, can they really be avoided?

    I would try this site for the best advice
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    How long does the Boat take to set sail?

    My car was scheduled to be built week beginning 7/5, it was apparently at the docks awaiting a ship by 9/5. I was told there is a large backlog and Audi had arranged two ships last weekend. I phoned the dealers today and it was shipped over the weekend and will be delivered to the dealers on...
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    What is the difference between the two, from what I can see Revo gives better gains than bluefin and thats about it. A chap on here recently posted his 1/4 mile time at Santa Pod in his Bluefinned 2.0TFSI Quattro, would the same car with Revo beat this time due to higher BHP/Torque ?
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    Build dates

    I've seen some posts on here where people state the build date of their new car. How do you find this out ? I ordered my car on 1/3/07 and have been told that it is expected to be delivered to the dealer 25/5/07.
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    Took the car to Santa Pod today!

    It would be interesting to see how your time compares to the same car with Revo as opposed to bluefin.
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    MPG & London Driving No Difference

    Useful for the manufacturers - NO Useful for consumers - YES Although it could be useful to salesman e.g. Customer "I really like the 3.2 litre model but wouldn't a 1.6 model be more economical ?" Salesman "Is most of your driving short journies around town ?" Customer "Yep mainly...
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    MPG & London Driving No Difference

    I have recently sold my A3 3.2 and bought an old pug 205 to see me through the next 2 months until the new Audi is built. Over the last few years I have consistently got the following : Pug 205 1.1 - 250 miles uses 40 litres Audi A3 3.2 - 250 miles uses 50 litres Leon Cupra R - 250 miles...