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    Q2 Is the cigarette lighter socket live with ignition key out?

    Is the cigarette socket in the Q2 permanently live. Or does it only have power when the ignition key is in? My A3's cigarette socket is permanently live which is really handy as I don't have a garage but can still hook up a battery maintainer via the cigarette socket and leave the car unattended...
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    Experiences using CTEK MXS 5 or similar

    New job means I'm no longer using the car for the daily commute. Battery low warning has flashed up last couple of weekends, so I'm looking for ways to keep the battery topped up. I've read good things about these CTEK battery conditioners, but I don't have a garage, so any mains lead is going...
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    18x8 ET35 - will they fit?

    Car is standard S-Line suspension. Am worried about ET35 after reading various old posts with conflicting opinions. Not so much about how they will look or "poke", as that's more about personal opinions. But more worried about whether they will rub/fail MOT. The wheels will have standard...
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    Sportback rear lights

    Mine's a 55reg Sportback....8P2 I think. Are the later 8P3 2009 OEM rear light clusters a direct swap. Or would I need to make changes to the fixings, clips, wiring, VCDS coding and other stuff. I've damaged one of my clusters and am weighing up either just getting another, or upgrading the...
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    Ebay experiences

    Like a lot of people, I use Ebay to buy a few bits, and occasionally sell some stuff too....recently, a spare laptop charger, tested and working. So I list it, and agree a generous price about £10 with free P&P with the buyer. Let's call him "****". **** pays promptly and leaves a message saying...
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    Gender pay gap

    Did anyone see tonight's Panorama about gender pay gap? There was a bit about BBC paying John McEnroe more for Wimbledon than Martina Navratilova. I'm all for equality, whether it be gender or ethnic or age etc, but Martina's case seemed a bit poor really considering - according to the BBC -...
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    Q3 Q3 steering wheels - swapping four spoke to three spoke

    Is the multifunction three spoke wheel with circular airbag a straight swap for the multifunction four-spoke one with rectangular airbag? I prefer the look of the three spoke, and wondered if it's just a case of undoing the airbag and a central nut.
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    Old car vs new...which is better....2008 Merc S class vs 2014 Fiesta

    Having a discussion with my younger mate, Junior about how some old things compare to their newer counterparts. So I said, a Merc S -class is often said to be ahead of its time and how there's some tech on the 10year-old Merc that isn't even found on more-recent cars (like his 2014 Fiesta), or...
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    Dashcam positioning

    Got a Nextbase 512G dashcam. Tried positioning it in the A3 behind the rear view mirror, as seems to be prescribed for most dashcams, but there's insufficient room for it to be positioned there using the suction mount. Despite the dashcam (and mount) being quite compact. The closest I can get...
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    Akoya Silver LY7H or LVW98, or both?

    My 55reg A3 in Akoya Silver is listed as paint code LY7H. I'm looking for an aerosol paint and have been told LVW98 is the same. Is that right?
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    Chrome ring on dash air vent. Does it come off easily?

    Wondered if anyone had tried removing the thin chrome ring trim on a dash air vent. Before I start blindly trying to force it off and likely breaking it. I've never really liked the chrome ring and been thinking about maybe removing it completely (does it leave ugly marks?), or removing it and...
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    Rear shocks need replacing on 3.2 - options

    The rear shocks on my 3.2 S-Line have started to weep. It's totally standard on 18inch wheels. The car is the family taxi-workhorse so I'm after comfort rather than flat cornering. What shocks (and springs) have people found are good for comfort, as the roads near me are terrible with speed...
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    Posting a steering wheel+airbag - who have you used?

    Has anyone sent a steering wheel+airbag intact in the post. Which company did you use?
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    Bola B12 wheels

    Always liked the look of Compomotive TH Monos, but put off by the cost. Seen these Bola B12s which look similar, but much cheaper. Anyone have any experience of Bola's? Just wondering if they are cheaper for a reason. The old thing about you get what you pay for.
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    DSG high revs needed for hill starts

    I've noticed that on steepish hills, when "D" is selected, it can sometimes take quite a few revs to stop rolling backwards and to get moving. Makes squeezing into tight parking spaces on inclines quite tricky, and inching along when stuck in traffic on a hill. Is this a DSG trait, or is my...
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    Differences between an A3 3.2 and Mk5 R32

    How different are they under the skin i.e mechanically, chassis-wise, suspension, brakes etc. Or are they pretty much the same, just a different body and badge. Anyone driven or owned both?
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    Horn doesn't work after swapping for a FBMFSW

    I recently swapped the standard steering wheel for a FBMFSW from a TT with DSG paddles. Everything seemed fine - the DSG paddles work and light up - but when I try the horn, not a peep. The horn worked before with my old steering wheel. I've checked the fuse, and checked all the plugs were...
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    Radio volume on start up

    Is it possible to adjust the start up volume on the radio/CD/mp3 so it's not so loud each time you start the car? I'm getting old :ohmy: so loud music and kids kicking balls in the street :footy:I'm finding are starting to annoy me. I've got the Navigation DVD/radio/CD set up in my 05...
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    Steering wheel options

    Thinking of changing the steering wheel on my '05 5dr Sportback. Looking more at ones that are a direct swap rather than needing to do a load of further mods to wiring or other steering parts. Would really like something a little chunkier to hold than my S-line perforated one with paddleshift...