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  1. chasdrury

    Fan noise behind dash

    I have a new noise coming from behind the dash - like a fan that is really unhappy! If i press and prod around above the hazard switch then i can get it to stop for a bit - at first we thought it was the DVD drive in the RNSe spinning. It happens almost all the time - whether the climate control...
  2. chasdrury

    Lumpy then high idle...

    My 1.8T has started in the last few days to have a lumpy idle when it starts up. The rev counter is not flicking around alot, but you can feel it in the car - lumpy through the vibrations. Then, after about 3 or 4 minutes the idle goes from 800rpm to 1100rpm and stays there - not lumpy but...
  3. chasdrury

    Which HID kit?

    Not been here for a while - don’t use my A4 that much. Years ago it had a HID kit put in instead of the normal halogen bulbs by a garage who don’t exist anymore. Anyway, the passenger side one has failed. Any recommendations for a replacement kit - I will do both sides- but what is least likely...
  4. chasdrury

    Cluster swap

    so after years of searching I've found a colour dis cluster from a 2004 1.8T a4 the same as mine. I need it coding but know you need to swap the SKC keys around - does anyone know anywhere I can get this done in Yorkshire?
  5. chasdrury

    Multitronic Box 2.0TDi

    Hi all Looking at a 2.0Tdi C7 - in the family we've a BiTDI with the 8 speed box that's as smooth as silk. Now, we need a big car that's good on fuel so the 3 Tdi doesn't really fit the bill - the 2.0 177 is perfect. However, I really want an auto, but am slightly worried about the previous...
  6. chasdrury

    How much is it worth?

    What's the market like for B6 at the moment? Mine is a 2004 1.8T Quattro Limited Edition Saloon - 6 speed manual. It came from the factory with S4 recaros and has a full service history upto now - 170k miles. I've owned it since ex-demo @ 12k. It's just had new calipers on the front and rear...
  7. chasdrury

    Audi UK Brochure

    Hi Does anyone happen to have a PDF brochure for A4 from Audi UK for MY 2016? I can find the latest MY17 one but not the MY16 Cheers Chas
  8. chasdrury

    C6 A6 Special Edition

    i'm looking at C6 A6's special edition s-line. All of them seem to have MMI high but some have an extra 'rocker' button on the MMI wheel - what's the difference? If it get one is AMI and DAB relatively straight forward retro? Cheers
  9. chasdrury

    S4 rear bumper question

    So, i just picked up a new S4 bumper - the part between the exhausts - as OEM is that just left the grey of the bumper or is it painted? Cheers!
  10. chasdrury

    Speedo stopped working

    was driving along this morning then the abs and esp lights came on and the speedo stopped working. The speedo needle bounces up to 0 when the car is switched on so I think it's not the dials, but rather the speed sensor or something like that? Anyone had that before? Cheersa
  11. chasdrury

    VCDS Leeds

    hi Is there anyone in the Leeds area who could Scan my car this afternoon / evening? My speedo has stopped working so need to find out what needs replacing! Thanks - if you can sms me 07903 822 277 as I am out an about today!! Thanks!
  12. chasdrury

    Boot Switch

    Hi My boot switch has decided sometimes not to work - and others it does. When it's not working not even the key on the fob works, only the key in the barrel and half a turn. I guess the problem is the switch rather than the solenoid? Is it a common problem & easy fix - anyone have any...
  13. chasdrury

    MMI Update for dual SIM card functionality

    Hi We have a 2012 A6 with MMI 3G+ (with the SIM in the dashboard). It's got an old firmware, so, if there is a SIM in the slot we have to use that for calls. I know the newer cars with a later firmware have the possibility to use the Bluetooth for calls while data is used on the SIM card. Has...
  14. chasdrury

    No music on right of the car

    Weird thing this morning - I got in my car and I have no sound on the right speakers - well, i do, but it's very faint. The car has BOSE - does the amp has a left and right channel - ie could one channel be broken? and if the amp was broken would i still get very faint music on the side? Thanks...
  15. chasdrury

    A4 Jack

    Ages ago my jack failed so I chucked it away. I've got a b6 saloon. I bought a jack off eBay, part number 8e0 011 031C. But, it won't fit in the box. Is there a different part number for avant / saloon or B6 /B7? What's should the B6 saloon jack part number be!?! Cheers Chas
  16. chasdrury

    Dietz 1417 multimedia adapter

    Hi Does anyone still have one of these connected to their RNS-E's? I am trying to find the pin outs from the dietz plug to the grey audi 32 pin plug in the back of the rnse Cheer Chas
  17. chasdrury

    Service book

    My service book is full! I know the car is old and probably don't need the stamps but would like to carry on... the only books I can find are duplicate ones to replace lost ones - what I really want is an empty service schedule to add to mine... is it possible to get them - has anyone bought...
  18. chasdrury

    Door seal replacement - a huge difference!

    So, I've had misty windows for a while so I thought i'd replace the front door seals - the ones on the doors, not the ones in the frames - and what a difference! THis morning once the mist was cleared it didn't come back, result - and wind noise is gone! I didn't really realise I had a lot of...
  19. chasdrury

    Windows frames

    Hi I need a new window frame to replace a bent one from where my car was broken into. There are lots on ebay but I'm not sure if saloon and avant rear frames are the same, and does it matter about electric or manual for just the frame? Thanks Chas
  20. chasdrury

    Bluetooth Help

    Hi My bluetooth has started to not work - I can't find the bluetooth from the phone - the screen on the RNSe says "Your phone is not connected or attached properly". I have tried to search when the ignition has just been switched and still nothing. Could it be a coding issue? I had to have a...