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    2.5tdi Quattro Avant why two pad sensors

    I had no idea of this until now after struggling to eliminate warning light over the past few weeks.It had been intermittent for sometime but I knew the pads were less than half worn.They were fitted by previous owner.When I read that light on was a failure under new MOT rules I got my son to...
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    Tuning box failures 2.5tdi

    I have had a second box fail due it seems to the heat breaking down the wiring and would caution anyone considering fitting one.The problem seems to be that has to be connected in the hot spot between the 2 banks of cylinders and the wiring insulation hardens and cracks.The box itself can be...
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    Air Blast your Avant nozzles

    The annual ritual of unblocking the nozzles on the rear washer line took place today.Couldnt find the right size pin to wriggle the muck out but found a can of air blaster had a good fit and was a lot quicker and easier
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    Dual control climate to single.

    Did this once but cant seem to repeat by holding both buttons in .Am I missing something?
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    Avant weak rear washer jets

    One of our Avants rear speaker was crackling and the jets were much less powerful than those on the other car so we spent a morning investigating .Swopping the jets made no diff so we used an air line to try and clear any blockage and the seemed to be air escaping near the tailgate hinge .Off...
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    washer pipes

    Over the last 2 weeks we have spent hours sorting out defects in the pipes to the washers on three cars .First an Octavia Vrs which my sons friend has just bought which had non funtioning rear wiper and washer .An air line revealed a hissing behind the trim over the CD changer in the boot which...
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    Avant boot leak

    I recently found water in the wheel well and someone suggested the high level brake light but in removing the trim at the edge of the roof I found that it was held on by 5 poppers one of which fell out so may not have been in its hole from day one .The others came out so easily and the dirt...
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    Winter Screenwash

    Asda are selling off winter grade screenwash down to £2 for 4 litres lot better than Halfords
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    Waterin Avant Spare Wheel well

    Got a set of five Speedline 18s for my 2.5TDI Quattro yesterday so out came the spare and I find about a cupfull of water in the well .Its an avant so I checked for signs of leaks from the washer .There was one blocked nozzle but a good jet of water when I removed the cap to clear this an no...
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    Shell V Power premium

    Just filled up and pleased to find premium was only 5p last time it was 11p on petrol so paid less per ltr than last time!Did they make a mistake or has anyone else found the same?
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    Crankcase breather 2,5 TDI

    Does anyone know where this is and how to clean cos I hear it can become blocked and cause lots of white exhaust which mine does when cold
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    Immobiliser Warning Light

    This began flashing on my 2.5TDi this morning and I drove 5 miles and on restarting no light drove back 5miles still no light .Manual says use of uncoded key but I have usedthis one for 2 years could it be low battery in the key?Any other ideas anyone?thanks Mike
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    winscreenwasher and demister

    Why does my demister give a few secs blast wnen I use the washers?
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    Avant rear washer nozzles

    Just a reminder to others that these seem to block easily and before setting out in this weather its easy to remove the cover and pop off the nozzle with a flat bladed screwdriver and clean from inside with an air line.I just did this again after noticing that the wiper could not shift the salt...
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    Shell V Power diesel premium

    This seems to have jumped to 9 pence alitre .Anyone know why and if it stays is it worth it ?
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    2.5TDI needle lift sensor

    VAGcom diagnoses faulty sensor on the injector causes poor starting and smoky exhaust low mpg .Any one know what the sensor does and if when it fails if it causes overfueling thus these symptoms.part costs £300plus vat from Audi
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    tuning box

    Just fitted a box to my 2.5 TDI quattro and noticed an obvious increase in performance.Its an unit made by the Belgian Tuning Box Co from ebay £120 so it seemed worth it even though my milesge is well below average and I hope to grt better mpg too.Easily fitted and removable for resale if and when
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    2.5 TDI spill pipes leaking

    has anyone had to change these because the fuel has leaked slightly?The left side allseem to be suspect and there was a run of fuel when i touched one.Is there a filter in the return line or a small plastic non return valve which could be blocked and causing some back pressure ?The other bank...
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    Cracked coolant tankJ

    Collected a2004 2.5 TDI Quattro last weekend and begun checking allround reveals acrack about 5cms long vertically in the front of the coolant tank which is weeping and thus must be replaced.Is this rare?Seems to be a slowly progressing fault but a new one has to be ordered and I assume it will...
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    Doors icing up

    A few nights ago we had some rain followed by afreeze overnight and my doors were stuck solid in the morning .Iopened the drivers door using a kettle of hot water started ok but as idrove away the warning symbols for two other doors came on with the interior lightsSeems to me that the water...