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  1. heliflyer

    elec window diagrama3

    Hi as per the title i have searched the forum and cannot find diagrams of 8p model a3 sline just wondered if anyone has a pic off inside the door of a a3 sline 05 elsawin type diagrams my drivers side elec window has stopped working ,removed the door card tested motor works fine what i did see...
  2. heliflyer

    Price /part Nos Disc pads A3 1.6

    Hi as per title wear light is now illuminated nead price/part nos for pads for 1.6 a3 any help appreciated Ian
  3. heliflyer

    VW vcds warning alarm

    Hi i have a vw caddy with a very annoying warning when going down hill or just going steady i get a handbrake flashing on the dash and a annoying buzzer does anyone know what its called as i cannot find it to switch it off in vcds any help appreciated Ian
  4. heliflyer

    Double Din cage c\w climate

    Asper title for sale in classifieds thought i,d offer to members first before the bay cheers Ian:sign_plug:
  5. heliflyer

    Anyone selling a rns-e

    As per title amyone selling a rnse pref chrome but not essential pm details and price Thanks Ian
  6. heliflyer

    Shredded tyre

    going out tonight up local bypass steady 80 all of a sudden loud noises pulls over almost straight away looked under the car front tyre was shredded for about an inch from inner wall, Thought the tyres were getting ready a while ago ill get another few hundred miles out of them i thought,wrong...
  7. heliflyer

    Caddy Sat nav

    hi i was going to get rnse for the a3 but have just bought a 07 caddy for work and need a sat nav and bluetooth does anyone know the model number and bluetooth mod thats required any help appreciated Ian __________________
  8. heliflyer

    VW caddy sat nav

    hi i was going to get rnse for the a3 but have just bought a 07 caddy for work and need a sat nav and bluetooth does anyone know the model number and bluetooth mod thats required any help appreciated Ian
  9. heliflyer

    iphone 3g ipod connection

    Hi i have a concert hu,cd changer in glove box and would like a good quality ipod/iphone connection also needs to charge iphone as batt life is rubbish any help appreciated ,Ian
  10. heliflyer

    Double Din cage wanted

    As per the title i am looking for a double din cage and switches if anyone has one or knows where i could buy one cheers Ian
  11. heliflyer

    newby vag com

    Hi only recently bought vag com jst plugged into sons a3 and changed his locking via tick boxes in number 4, so thought id change mine a3 sline q and no tick boxes in 4 just as below pick i believe values can be changed in 3 but how do i know what coding is what below is a screen shot of what...
  12. heliflyer

    auto scan from a novice

    Hi just plugged vag com into van before i use it on car did a auto scan the fault codes shown dont highlite in red so cant do anything with them is there another way to remove or is it that they not hurting anything cos they intermittant and dont need to be removed any help appreciated ps...
  13. heliflyer

    free mot not a prayer

    Just found out why audi offer free mot,s mine just failed on two cv joint gaiters they want £348 to fit new and a retest fee of £54.50,so i came straight home booked in my local mot centre and it failed on same parts but difference is £50 both parts and £120 to fit £40 mot quite a saving me...
  14. heliflyer

    Price Please

    05 a3 sline offside and nearside cv joint gaiters cheers Ian
  15. heliflyer

    Gull Wing Doors

    Ayone here done this mod
  16. heliflyer

    A3 1.6 se or simlar Wanted

    Anyone got a 1.6 02> for sale pm me cheers Ian
  17. heliflyer

    Chatsworth Rally Show

    Great day out last year watching the quattro,s on the rally course and the audi stand worth a day out.
  18. heliflyer

    Any Interest in 05 S Line front bumper,bonnet

    Hi anyone interested in bumper complete and bonnet both in silver as per picture also have a brand new oem reinforcer send offers b4 i put them on the bay cheers Ian
  19. heliflyer

    VAG-COM North Derbyshire Area

    Is there any kind person in the area with vag com who could turn off my service light and tell me what version i would need to buy vag com i can travel and would pay thanks in advance .cheers Ian
  20. heliflyer

    Another service question

    Hi was just wondering,i bought my car from a ford main dealer who had the car serviced for me 30000mls shortly after buying it had a problem so took it to my local audi dealer under warrenty (audi uk actually paid for it to be fixed as there was a known problem) anyway service light is now on...