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    Blower Motor?

    Dear Friends, :respekt: My car, 2001 B6 A4 2.0 SE Multitronic, the blower motor stopped working for more than a week, no blowing air coming inside at all. Then all of a sudden, on Saturday, blower motor started to work and was blowing full air power. Then yesterday, I noticed water was...
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    Turbo or retrofit?

    Hi, I am looking to improve my car performance, by either installing turbocharger or change the engine. My car is Audi A4 B6 2.0 SE multitronics and am wondering if it's possible to change engine to 2.0 FSI or 2.0t FSI. What about the electronics bits, do i need to change too or not...
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    Hi, am new to here

    Hello Friends, :respekt: I am new here. Am driving Audi A4 B6 2.0 SE Multironics and love this car. Cheers
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    Ventilation? No fan?

    Dear All, Will be grateful for your help/advice on how to overcome the ventilation problems. Everytime I start my car, ie morning, there is no ventilation and I tried to increase fan speed but nothing. So after 10 mins driving, I could feel heat coming from the ventilation but no fan...