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  1. audi-a6

    A4 b6 tdi problems

    Any one :( Could timing cause it? As also, turbo will boost when coming down the Rev range (engine braking)
  2. audi-a6

    A4 b6 tdi problems

    It was doing it on the standard turbo though
  3. audi-a6

    A4 b6 tdi problems

    hi all, Wounder if any one can shed any light on a couple of things. Firstly what else can I check to find out why my 2.5tdi is boost spiking... Iv changes map sensor,n75 and checked all lines, no fault codes replaying to turbo.... Brand new hybrid turbo fitted, as over boost killed my last...
  4. audi-a6

    A4 2.5 tdi fmic conversion

    Still thinking about getting this done, what sort of price we talking?
  5. audi-a6

    any one got a simple answer for nozzles

    I have been hunting the net for a week now and seem to be some confusing options.... I want to upgrade the nozzles, but also want a direct fit to standard injectors, i have the ake engine, i no i can get race nozzles and use the b5 injectors.... but dont want to go down this route... any one...
  6. audi-a6

    2.5tdi V6 nozzels ? headache!!!!

    sorry to bring up an old thread, but did you get any where with nozzles? as im wanting to upgrade mine,
  7. audi-a6

    Replacement Front Wings

    yeah it is, the bonnet was slightly out though
  8. audi-a6

    A4 2.5 tdi fmic conversion

    any one know if this has been done, Iv blown the bottom off one of my side mounts and was thinking going front mount instead of replacing side mount, seams fairly strait forward, only problem I can see is that the passenger side intercooler has the map sensor built into it.. :-/
  9. audi-a6

    Replacement Front Wings

    Not worth it in my opinion, as it would come back through again, you'd have to spray whole wing any way, so probs same price as getting a new one
  10. audi-a6

    Replacement Front Wings

    Yeah that's what I was going to buy, but couldn't find in my colour
  11. audi-a6

    Replacement Front Wings

    Got no close ups... But here you go (excuse the wrong colour, I gave garage the wrong code) there was no extra gap compared to original wing... Lined strait up with bumper, bonnet and door shut
  12. audi-a6

    Replacement Front Wings

    I got one of the said wings from euro car parts and was a perfect and easy fit, im going to buy another one for the drivers side
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    Audi 2.5 v6 TDI mpg issues...Help

    Woop here he is :) I do get between 400-450 to a tank, most of the time is just going to work and back with the odd poodle to a meet, my journey per day round trip is about 20 miles, 10 each way, about 10-12 total of that is dual carriage way mostly sitting at 50-70mpg, the rest is round town...
  14. audi-a6

    another boost question

    any one if the 2.5tdi has a 2 stage boost? if so, can it be rigged to just have 1 stage..... iv done it on petro cars before, but dont know if it can be done on derv? if its not 2 stage, then i may have a problem..... i finally got round to fitting a boost gauge, need to change though as did...
  15. audi-a6

    2.5tdi V6 Decatted--- Zooooooooom tish

    think it was only the 180 model that had 3, 1 x pre cat and 2 normal cats, iv removed both my normal cats and rear silencers, just te pre cat to go
  16. audi-a6

    Post pics of your B6 A4/S4

    so me and a mate did this the other day