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  1. ToughlilT

    Auto Dimming mirror + compass retrofit

    Thought i'd post up here if anyone is interested in retro fitting an auto dimming rear view. If you already have auto dimming mirrors and want to get a compass mirror then it should be plug and play So wasn't that interested in swapping out to just an auto dimming but after seeing some info...
  2. ToughlilT

    Double Din Fascia install

    Thought i would put up a little guide on what i did to get a fascia to fit a double din aftermarket head unit. edit* you will need an original S3 double din housing to start with, i got mine through someone breaking their S3. They do come up on eBay every now and then but are not the cheapest...
  3. ToughlilT

    crunchy second gear

    started a few months back, when i start the car from cold and start driving down the road first gear isn't easy to get into and then second gear is harder to but also gets a slight crunch going into the gear. after about a mile or 2 it stops crunching and then when it's up to temp it will shift...
  4. ToughlilT

    Wheel Stud upgrade

    been looking at converting to wheels studs and was wondering if anyone on here has also done this and what were there thoughts on them?
  5. ToughlilT

    sports cat with stock map?

    Going to be buying a Pipewerx DP and sport cat and was wondering if i can install it and use it on the stock map without it messing anything up?. Will be getting it mapped later on but want to install parts and prep it ready for the map. Cheers.
  6. ToughlilT

    suspension setup

    Right where do i begin. I have a 02 S3 8l bone stock at the moment and i am pricing up what i would need to get to overall just improve the car. would love if anyone has any recommendations on products to get or if you have the same parts maybe comment on how good you think they are. From...
  7. ToughlilT

    Puddle Lights Problem

    i recently bought the LED interior kit for my Facelift A3 from EM Tuning which i have to say i absolutely love. Had a look at the puddle and red door lights and realised that they are not working. after hours of tinkering i found out that the negatives are good but the is no power going to both...
  8. ToughlilT

    Bad idling problem

    I have an Audi A3 1.8t Sport and it has had this problem nearly from when I bought it a year ago but never this bad, basically it seems to always idle at around 800 revs and most of the time the engine would sound fine, but occasionally it would drop lower and would start running really bad as...