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  1. AlS3BE

    Roof rack

    Just a quick question for those who have them. I have a genuine Audi set of roof bars for my s3 and was wondering do I need to get the Audi cycle carriers to fit on them or something from Thule or Halfords will fit on them? Only asking as the Thule cycle carriers says they are designed for...
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    Parking module error

    Car isn’t getting used much nowadays and got a low battery warning today so thought I plug it in and see if there’s any other faults and got this. 76 Parking Assistance System description: PDC 4 Kanal Software number: 5QA919283B Software version: 0044 Hardware number...
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    Squeaky window seal

    Hi guys Looking for some recommendations. My rear passenger side window squeaks when going up or down. I have tried cleaning the window, cleaning the rubber with apc as best as I could and it still does it. Might go away after a while but comes back. Was thinking some grease on the rubber but...
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    This is very interesting. Always thought a DA was idiot proof but it was the first to burn through paint.
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    Car blowers

    Looking for a a blower to help dry the car after a wash. The little dribbles out the mirrors and door shuts are annoying. Hate getting back to the car after a wash/dry and loads of dribble marks all over the car. the s3 seems to have more wee crevices and places to hold dribbles of water than...
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  7. AlS3BE

    Wireless CarPlay A quick review After reading some reviews, good and bad, I bit the bullet and got one of these 3-4 months ago as I was getting a bit annoyed with having to plug my phone in the for CarPlay. There’s a few...
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    Haldex awd

    Been out in the snow with the s3 and was curious what the thoughts are on here. The haldex/Quattro options on the drive select has comfort, auto and dynamic and you also got the default drive select options like efficiency, auto dynamic. Which one will be the best option in slippery condition...
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    Puddle lights

    This is the clearest I’ve seen them on my car.
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    Just went out to the shops to get some supplies for the house and saw 3 BMWs stuck going up a very small hill. I mean ffs why are these idiots going out in a rwd in the snow most likely on summer tyres!?! I’m on winters with awd and I’m thinking twice before going out. Wouldn’t have went out if...
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    Headlight restoration

    Anyone tried any of those kits that works on fairly rough headlights? Folks car failed mot with Misty headlights and I don’t really have time to sand them then polish them to clear so seeing if anyone has tried any of those wipe on/wipe off kits that works. They seem too good to be true but I...
  12. AlS3BE

    Facelift Climate control

    Is there a way to reset or calibrate the temp sensor for the climate control with Vcds or similar tool? Where are the sensors for the climate ? The past few days the morning has been about the same ambient temp. Climate is pretty much always set at 20 degrees on both side and it’s blowing cold...
  13. AlS3BE

    Snow foam gun/lance recommendations

    Well my trusty snow foam gun has failed after about 10 years so looking for recommendations. I’ve tried dismantling it and clean all the bits I could get to but it just sprays water and doesn’t pick up any of the foamy stuff. I have a karcher k4 if that’s makes any difference. What do you guys...
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    Post lockdown service

    Let me start by saying it’s a bit odd. No courtesy car, big pain cause I’m not near a dealer. Keys need sterilised before handing it the guys and gets sterilised before they hand it back. One way system in and out the dealer Can’t touch the showroom cars as that could spread germs etc. I...
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    Another service question

    got service reminder in the dash. with the way things are I’m not going to be doing 2200 miles in the next 8 weeks let alone 8 days. Do I wait till close to 2200 miles or get it serviced in the next week or so? Car is sitting just over 16k
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    Steam cleaners

    Just thought I would ask the question here. Are there any detrimental effects of using a steam cleaner on the body of a car? I was using my steam cleaner on my oven and it did a number on the grease and baked on stuff in there. Was thinking using on the car instead of some of the harsh chemicals...
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    Dyson cordless

    not sure if this is the best bit of the forum to put this. My trusty Dyson v6 battery is passed its best after 4-5 years. Some days I get 5 minutes and some days after a full charge I get 5 seconds. Dyson wants £65 for a genuine replacement which is not bad if it lasts another 4-5 years...
  18. AlS3BE

    My first detail(not Audi)

    Since we are on lockdown I’ve been tidying up the house and my old computers and hard drives. came across some photos of my first detail in 2007. my trusty old DA the original porter cable that ran at 110v which was a pain. 3 stage Sonus polishes and some good old fashion poor boys wax along...
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    Cleaning microfibres towels

    Just a quick one. What do you guys use to clean your mf towel? I normally bung them in the washing machine with just normal detergent but I think this is killing them. My drying towel is a couple of years old now and it’s takes a bit of work before it starts absorbing. Difficult to describe...
  20. AlS3BE

    Thinkware F770

    Hi folks Anyone had any issues with the dashcam vibrating? At the moment when the music is on with a mild bass note I can hear the front unit vibrating and it triggers the crash sensor/recording. It’s starting to annoy me. I’m looking for something like a foam or rubber pad that sits between...