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  1. Charlie23

    TTS 340mm Discs & Pads Help

    HI Guys & Gals, I have fitted some 4 pot 2016 TTS front calipers etc on to my S3 8p and im now looking for some performance pads & disc's but cant seem to find much out there bar cheap brands? Any help would be much appreciated
  2. Charlie23

    Tyre Recommendations for S3

    Hi Guys & Gals, That time has come to purchase new tires. I currently have Michelin Pilot Sport 4's. Reading reviews etc they seem to be the best tire about at the moment, but wondering what anyone else uses? Read a review about the new Toyo T1R's which was pretty funny and made my mind up...
  3. Charlie23

    2016 TT 1.8 Turbo fault Help

    Hi guys and gals a friend of mine has a 2016 TT 1.8 and it looks like the turbo has gone, are there any upgrades or would a turbo off a TTS, S3, Golf R fit and work if was mapped? cheers
  4. Charlie23

    Wheel Spacer/ ET change

    Hi guys had to used some 10mm wheel spacers to make my standard S3 wheels fit over my 4 pots but I don’t like these spacers and keep worrying about my wheels falling off haha would anyone know what Offset/Et wheels I would need to buy to get rid of the spacers? would S4 wheels work as they...
  5. Charlie23

    For Sale Audi TT Convertible

    Partners car is up for sale due to needing rear seats. 2008 TT 2.0 TFSI Convertible with 111k. Full history and 2 keys. Car is in good condition for the year with the off little mark here and there but nothing that stands out And takes away how nice the car is. Roof works perfect and comes...
  6. Charlie23

    For Sale Audi TT 18” S Line Alloys

    Set of Genuine TT S Line Alloys 18” from my partners 2008 TT. In decent condition but do need tyres. £280 collection from South Wales
  7. Charlie23

    TTE480 Turbo

    Hi Guys, Just been reading up on some of the TTE480 pages and some very nice motors and power. I seen one of the vehicles a Golf R with the TTE480 with standard engine, Standard Injectors and standard LPFP and it make 460 BHP and 55oNM torque? A question i have is - can a TTE420 turbo be run...
  8. Charlie23

    For Sale Audi S3 8P Front Brake Set

    Hi Guys & Gal Upgraded my brakes on my S3 so these will be up for sale in the next few days. Full front S3 brake set up. Calipers, Carriers etc. the calipers do have 60% worn pads and the discs are still in good working order to so you can fit them straight on. Calipers are in really good...
  9. Charlie23

    2018 Audi TTS 4 Pot Calipers

    Hi Guys, Just purchased a set of 2018 TTS 4pots for my S3 and i need different brake lines i believe. Does anyone have any info on this? Cheers
  10. Charlie23

    Anti lift Rear Bushes & Lower Engine Mount Insert

    Hi Guys, Fitted some Powerflex bushes to the S3 this week and you can tell the difference straight away, some good some bad. PowerFlex Front Arm Rear Anti-lift bushes tightened up the steering you could feel it through the steering wheel while driving so was happy with these. Abit of a pain to...
  11. Charlie23

    Help RS4 Manifold Gasket fault

    Hi guys noticed a weird smell coming from my engine bay from behind the n/s air box. Took it out to find burnt/melted coil pack and plug :( Had it all repaired with genuine parts, started the car and it’s doing it again. Noticed extreme heat coming up from the manifold. Could this be the cause...
  12. Charlie23

    Re-Map Problem (Strange)

    Hi Guys & Gals, Have had a weird experience this week that hopefully someone might shed some light on. My S3 is currently stage 1 R-Tech and im all ready to go to 2+. Went to a recommended mapper in my area, has worked on all VAG models getting good figures and a good name for them selves...
  13. Charlie23

    Resonated & Sport's Cat Vs Non Res No Cat Help ??

    Hi Guys, Just bought another S3 (No 8) lol and its come with a Full Milltek exhaust, but has a Sports cat and resonator. I'm going 2+ again like usual but want to know if anyone has noticed any difference in BHP etc between having a Cat & Resonator as I usually go for No cat and no resonator...
  14. Charlie23

    Wanted 2.0 TFSI Upgraded HPFP

    Hi guys and gals, looking for a Upgraded HPFP for my S3 8P, have a standard pump also if needed to do a deal. Thank you
  15. Charlie23

    Central Control Module Change Help??

    Hi Guys, Has anyone changed there Central Convenience Control Module on TT Convertible? Cheers
  16. Charlie23

    Sound Issue???

    Hi Guys, Abit of a weird one. when connectingMMi through Bluetooth the sound in my A6 seems to get, louder and quieter when cranked up a little? Any one else experienced this? I have gone through every sound setting and all the settings on my iPhone and nothing seems to change anything? Radio...
  17. Charlie23


    Hi Guys, I have 2x Remote keys both seem to work as the little red light flashes but none will open or lock the car? Have tried a few procedures on the Net but no joy, does any one have any tips or know more? Cheers
  18. Charlie23

    TT to TT Black Edition

    Hi Guys, Recently bought a TT for the misses and want to turn it in to a black edition REP, nothing over board just the usual stuff, but im finding it difficult to find a front bumper? Any one have any ideas or seen any for sale? Cheers
  19. Charlie23

    For Sale 20” Genuine Rotas

    Hi guys just changed the wheels on my A6 so the ones that have come off are up for sale. Genuine 20” Rotas from an Audi A6 C7 not in best condition would need a refurb but are all true and never been repaired. 2x decent tyres 2x would need replacing. not sure what they are worth so was...
  20. Charlie23

    MMi update/ Bluetooth Problems

    Hi Guys, Seems like my bluetooth has just got stuck and i cant seem to turn it on via the MMi, Is there anyway of resolving this or can i download an update? Its a 2012 A6 with Tech pack. Cheers