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    Help leaking oil bad remap/dpf removal

    The oil return from the turbo... The gasket was bent. Tuners have agreed to sort car out now and have apologied..
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    Help leaking oil bad remap/dpf removal

    Yup noted above, i think we all know that here when we decat our cars or modify them in such a way... I have crossed my ts and dotted my is but thanks for advice. It was a bent clip on gasket that caused leak... Looking at it, i wouldn't blame tuners, even I could have over looked such a thing...
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    Judder when accelerating at speed???

    Had the exact problem on previous car... When in high gear and putting your foot down it will cause juddering when accelerating.... Only thing i could think was dmf and it starting to slip... I drove it around 20k miles like that and nothing changed. Or other theroy i had was esp was faulty and...
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    Help leaking oil bad remap/dpf removal

    Just scrubbed the drive clean from the oil leaks. They where shocked to hear 2 ltrs leaked out. I will also upload pics of where they damaged the gasket
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    Help leaking oil bad remap/dpf removal

    Car leaked out 2 ltrs of oil since work was done... So topped it up 2 ltrs and went to my local garage. He spent 3 hours on the car and found that the work they did caused some sort of gasket damage to turbo and it was leaking oil from that point. Hes billed the job at 100 quid. Once the oil...
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    Buying A5 - What is the most reliable engine?

    Previous a3 owner... I know what you mean. For economy and reliabilty go for fwd 3.0 tdi (204bhp) model. Do same miles than 2.0 177 version with a bit more power too. Under powered 3.0 give reliabilty with movement to remap for more power ect without strain on the setup. Warning is if u go...
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    Help leaking oil bad remap/dpf removal

    Hi guys i needed help with my situation and where i stand with the company that have done the work. I got my a5 sportback sline 2014 2.0tdi fwd cgcl engine mounted to a multitronic 8 speed gb. I took it to a tuner for a remap/dpf delete / egr delete. When i drove the car home I noticed oil...
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    Dual map on multitronic?

    Thats great, Will be in touch...
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    Dual map on multitronic?

    Got a 2014, 8 speed multitronic 177 2.0tdi. After 8 months of driving it i found the "s" mode on the gearbox I was wandering if it is possible to do a dual remap on our audis? I know u can do it on alfas,bmw and vauxhalls with there sports buttons. It would be useful as i dont want to...
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    Post your eBay, Classified and For Sale links and wanted in here. Do not create a thread.

    Selling my Audi 2014 A5 s-line 5 seat sportback Posted on gum tree only link below Any offers welcome welcome, not stupid ones though Bought from audi uk and immaculate inside and out Would p/x with a3 quattro diesel
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    accident am i at fault?

    Thanks guys. Takes a bit of pressure off me, I think car B wanted me to admit fault as it looks like he was recording our convo on his phone. I just had my car fitted with a new front end including new chassis legs as some idiot ran a red light and hit me. I think i attract idiots on the road...
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    accident am i at fault?

    Hi guys just been blamed by two drivers saying its my fault they collided. Firstly my car has not been hit by anyone or i havnt hit anyone. I pulled out into a main road from a side street and reversed back into the side street to park my car. When i pulled out the car on the main road, car A...
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    What did you and your 8p do today? :)

    Wanna swap? my cars great at sitting on the drive still after its facelift, i promise it wont move an inch
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    What did you and your 8p do today? :)

    Im ok, insurance company said its my fault as there are no witnesses to say it was a red light and i crossed his path... So gonna have to take the rise in insurance.... Accidents in the a3s are amazing, not saying u should try it but i never felt a thing. I am worried that there may be damage...
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    What did you and your 8p do today? :)

    Had a head on collision with someone skipping a red light. Audis now having front end straightened and bodywork done with a new cambelt and water pump installed. After crash the 8p got stuck in 2nd gear but mechanic managed to free it and it still managed to run without a problem, no damage to...
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    How do i enable dash display 2006 a3.

    Yh if u have a midline steering module u can enable outs temp and dis. @udi A3 will sort your coding he did mine top job. just buy a new wiper stalk with dis controls and a new indicator stalk with cruise control (as u might aswell add it if u changing the other stalk) parts cost me 50 off...
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    The Paint Workshop 7, 169 Pasture Rd, Stapleford, Nottingham Does a lot of Audi and vw, not costly either
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    DPF Removal Dilema - Gutting the DPF vs phyiscal removal?

    If u just gut it and leave the casing is this not giving the same Performance as a straight pipe? If the performance will be the same why not just opt to gut it to be safe? Dpf removal won't really effect emissions. Why would u put a straight pipe in? Unless you think there would be a...
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    Just remapped my car myself 140 bkd

    'balls of steel....
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    Bluetooth and Cruise Control retrofit by NHN

    I don't know the rough going price tho... Hence the question lol But Yh tru dat stamp Guy if he wanna charge someone more than others fair play. I thought he would have fixed prices + expenses.