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  1. niallh

    anyone in Leeds with a DSG A3 and VCDS

    Im in Leeds and have VCDS. Drop me a PM
  2. niallh

    new tyres needed 225 40 18

    I run bridgestone Potenza Adrenaline RE002, not the most popular tyre but definitely one of the best tyres Ive ran. Up there in tyre reviews with the likes of Eagle f1's and Pilot sports
  3. niallh

    Alternator whine with new head unit on S3 with Bose

    Ive had to settle with ground loop isolators too, the item above is just a loop isolator for 2 sets of rca's.
  4. niallh

    Milltek tbe vs bcs tbe

    What kind of data? Its known that the milltek back box will not flow for more than 370hp whereas ive not heard anything regarding flow limits for the BCS
  5. niallh

    My S3 Thread

    Well I havent updated this for a while. A few bits have been done since. Went and picked up my Milltek cat back, however the seller still had both the rear section and the non-res pipe still connected to spent a while trying to get it to fit in the car as I took my GF with me and she wasnt too...
  6. niallh

    Loose CAI

    Iv loctite'd mine and ive taken it off a few times since then
  7. niallh

    S3 8p milltek 3" downpipe

    Very tight indeed. The prop is certainly a pain, did my downpipe one weekend and one on a mates Leon cupra the weekend after and there's so much more room
  8. niallh

    S3 8p milltek 3" downpipe

    Ive had mine on about a month now and not had any fitment issues, but it is pretty close to the hub on the transfer box
  9. niallh

    A few 2.0Tfsi questions this dp is £135 delivered and from what ive seen theyre good quality and a few guys over on the mk5 forum are using them
  10. niallh

    Revo intake

    Just wondering what people's thoughts are on these. Tried a twintake and found it to be stupidly loud Also where's the cheapest place to buy them?
  11. niallh

    My S3 Thread

    Cheers Alex. Your car is an absolute animal, followed it on here and vagoc. I'll be sending it to Audi for service every 12k but I'll be servicing it the 6k in between. I had 206k on my a3 when I sold that so mileage wasn't an issue. I just wanted a blue one with xenons
  12. niallh

    My S3 Thread

    Hi guys Was on the forum previously when i had a A3 8L TDi with a few darkside development bit done to it and after a year away from Audi's im back Here is my S3 8P that i picked up last week, I previously had a 2011 Polo GTI but the known issues with the 1.4TSI were making it very unreliable...
  13. niallh

    audi specialist west yorkshire for servicing

    There is german auto care in pudsey. They only use genuine VW parts and the labour isnt too expensive either
  14. niallh

    Steering wheel airbag delete resistor.

    @robin_bga PM me your email and ill send it across
  15. niallh

    Steering wheel airbag delete resistor.

    2.2 should be fine. Im sure i got the correct ones from RS components, about 10 for 30p
  16. niallh

    Steering wheel airbag delete resistor.

    Airbag Resistor Guide for VW MKIV R32 Resistors needed to defeat Airbag Warning Light when removing airbags for motorsport. Not recommended if you are going to use your car on the street at all. Steering Wheel Airbag resistor is 2 ohm .5 watt Seat Airbag resistors needed is 4.7 ohm .5 watt...
  17. niallh

    Glow Plug light constantly on on my A3 1.9 TDI. Help please?

    mines been on twice, once when there was an actual fault with a glow plug but also when my brake sensor switch was faulty
  18. niallh

    Come on down and post your mileage please

    PD130 ASZ 195000 miles, not an S3 or Petrol :(
  19. niallh

    New owner - couple of questions (boot handle, boot struts, outside temp gauge)

    Cant help you on the tailgate switches, However boot struts can be picked up cheaply from a breakers. My PD130 has half dis and displays nothing whilst driving, I have activated the outside temp gauge to be displayed using VCDS but it then returns an error saying there isnt one installed so...