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  1. Gti Jazz Blue

    Understanding Module Coding

    I have emailed the Ross Tech support department for some assistance, just trying to understand things a bit myself. Tomorrow I will be retro-fitting the Bluetooth KIT 7P6035730F module in my MY12 Skoda Octavia VRS. In preparation I have had a look at the CAN bus coding as I believe I will need...
  2. Gti Jazz Blue

    That's all folks

    Well after 5 years with the A3 I am off to pastures new on Saturday. The A3 is being traded in against a 9 month old Skoda Octavia VRS 2.0TFSi in Race Blue. So I have a busy Thursday and Friday putting the A3 back to stock. ICE all out and back to the stock Bose single DIN single CD unit...
  3. Gti Jazz Blue

    Watch out folks read everything that they send you, ALL the small print - canceling

    Hmm not very happy at all at the moment, just spoken to Customer Services as I am changing to a STOCK Octavia VRS from a fairly heavily modified A3. First off get a quote for the change of vehicle another £108 more to insure, total working out over £116 quid a year more expensive than Skoda...
  4. Gti Jazz Blue

    Given current issues - tempted by Vauxhall 0% Finance and lifetime warranty

    Help required, given my current grief with the A3, I have been tempted over to the Vauxhall website. 0% finance on a VXR GTC Astra Coupe with lifetime warranty, now why can't Audi offer me that deal on a new S3 ? GM must have done the sums on the lifetime warranty and it must add up, that I...
  5. Gti Jazz Blue

    Technical Question regarding BKD boost control and solenoid block (N75)

    Afternoon all Well unfortunately my 2.0TDi BKD under-boost issue that I thought I had completely fixed has reared it's head again. It is a lot better since I replaced a damaged boost o-ring, but it dropped an under boost code yesterday. In my previous testing I have confirmed that the VNT...
  6. Gti Jazz Blue

    Turbo Issues - loads of agro.

    Haven't posted on here for a while - been fairly busy at work and found this place too distracting so had to avoid the forum. Anyway having a mere of a time at the moment, sequence of events :- Been getting over boost codes, car has done 83K miles and tried last year to clean with Innotech...
  7. Gti Jazz Blue

    BTCC Thruxton 2011 (contains pictures)

    Had a great weekend at Thruxton for the British Touring Cars, caught a bit too much Sun on the Saturday and as usual it was a cold day sat in the Grandstand on the Sunday. Anyway took a few pictures which can be seen here BTCC Thruxton 2011 pictures by Gti_Jazz_Blue - Photobucket Shook hands...
  8. Gti Jazz Blue

    Joining the Variable Geometry Vane Problem Club (over boosting PD140)

    Carried out some diagnostic tests on the car and I am popping over boost DTCs on a logged full throttle run in 3rd gear. So chances are that the vanes are clogged in my Turbo, so I now have a new gasket, downpipe clamp and an Innotec cleaning kit sitting ready. Just need to sort out the ramp...
  9. Gti Jazz Blue

    So no WRC on Dave this year then

    Title says it all, 2011 season gets under way this weekend and it is only available in the UK on ESPN pay TV Gutted :sadlike: Paul
  10. Gti Jazz Blue

    Been meaning to upload this picture for ages, I took it at the Goodwood FOS this year

    I have it as my Desktop, the 3D quality of it amazes me. Camera is a Sony Alpha 300 with a cheap Telephoto lens. Enjoy
  11. Gti Jazz Blue

    2005 A3 Service Parts 2.0TDi DSG S-Line

    Hi, Could you give me the cost of the following posted (SO31 area) I will PM you the VIN. I need a pollen filter, fuel filter and air filter. Many thanks. Paul
  12. Gti Jazz Blue

    Goodwood Festival of Speed Pictures

    Managed to find the time to upload some of my FoS pictures. Sample one :- The rest can be found here :- Enjoy - Paul
  13. Gti Jazz Blue

    A3 8P Sportback / Front Door Speakers - A Warning

    Just found this document on the internet which is an Audi self study module. According to it the Sportback uses an air pressure sensor in each front door to deploy the airbags. So it contains the following warning, so looks like I won't be...
  14. Gti Jazz Blue

    Enable TPMS on a 59 plate A3

    Hi all, Anyone been able to enable TPMS on a 59 (2009) plate A3 ABS ECU 1K0 907 379 AD ? It is using long coding and the long code helper didn't help. Scan of the info required below. Thanks. Paul Tuesday,27,April,2010,19:02:30:52261 VCDS Version: Beta 10.3.0 Data version...
  15. Gti Jazz Blue

    Small favour when you have a few minutes - check on your door design

    Following on from my rust thread, could you all do a quick check when you have a few minutes. As I posted in my rust thread, my A3 had a new passenger door last year due to an accident, and it seems to be a modified design as it differs from my original 2005 drivers door. If you could check...
  16. Gti Jazz Blue

    2.0 TDi BKD Intercooler pipe drivers side - access

    Well it looks like I may have a slight leak of boost, you can feel a slight dip in power at about 2K and you can hear what sounds like a boost leak. Had a quick visual and it looks like it may be the intercooler pipe connection on the drivers side as there is a fair amount of oil mist about that...
  17. Gti Jazz Blue

    Not a happy bunny - couple of paint issues

    Gave the car a quick wash earlier as it is going into Portsmouth Audi tomorrow for a Cambelt replacement (plus water pump) to discover that I have rust at the bottom of the drivers door (where the plastic trim at the bottom screws on). Then noticed a problem with paint peeling on the...
  18. Gti Jazz Blue

    Wow - Norwegian Fjords what a photo opertunity

    Just got back from a week on Ventura cruising the Fjords. I managed to take 1500 pictures in total (mind some are bracketed shots) on my new Sony Alpha 300 DSLR. The scenery is amazing and a quick review on the Laptop shows that I have managed to get some good pictures, it also shows that you...
  19. Gti Jazz Blue

    Oh no JB has a problem with his BrawnGP Car

    Only the left hand side mirror glass though, they've just shown a replay of footage showing the mirror glass flying off. LOL Paul
  20. Gti Jazz Blue

    Ahh Motorsport has started again

    Welcome back from the Winter Break. So who enjoyed the start of the WRC on Dave this weekend (or even in the flesh). I did even though it looks like a good start for Seb to dominate the season again. Paul