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  1. Genius

    Help! Blowers not working at all air con cold or hot

    Hi guys, can anyone help point me to any diy guide and ideally part number for the interior blower motor I've got a 2009 model facelift 8p sportback. Lights come on on the climate control can turn up and down the power and the bars will go up and down but they never blow so assuming its gonna...
  2. Genius

    How do I check which bulb is out?

    I got a bulb out warning light on the DIS but can't work out which bulb it is. Seen a few posts where the DIS says underneath the bulb out icon which bulb but can't work out how to make it do it. And yes I have been round and checked them all cant spot any bulbs out but have swapped quite a...
  3. Genius

    Big brake upgrade advice. What else do I need

    Been looking out for a deal on a big brake upgrade kit and ended nabbing this set off ebay £135 delivered. its the 345mm Leon...
  4. Genius

    Will this work? - LED DRL indicators

    I have already change the DRL bulbs on my facelift 8P to LED bulbs and its a huge improvement but now I'm really wanting to extend the length of the DRL to fill the whole of that section of the lens basically I want to change: I had the car parked with hazards on and realised the indicator...
  5. Genius

    Converting the OEM speaker housing to an aftermarket speaker mount (A3 8P and other models)

    Not going to bother with how to strip the door card its covered loads of places, so.... We start with the speaker in the door, this is front left (all 4 doors are the same) Literally, just the clip at the top to unclip and the three screws to get it out of the door, note the colour of the...
  6. Genius

    Speaker wire colour scheme non bose (which is -/+)

    I have the non bose system but still with the factory sub/amp in the boot and was wondering if anyone has a list of the speaker wire colours for this setup. Wanting to replace the door speakers front and rear but a quick look shows as they use some weird OE connector. I'm going to have cut...
  7. Genius

    What's missing from here?

    Just been pulling my car apart to clean it and found that whilst I seem to have quite a few of the tools there's also a few empty spaces, anyone have an idea what's missing?
  8. Genius

    Different door not opening problem

    So after I managed to fix both my rear doors I now have a different issue with the front passenger side door. It won't open at all from the outside, it's not like the common fault with them not unlocking this will unlock from the inside but the outside handle still won't work even with the door...
  9. Genius

    CCZA TFSI Timing chain tensioner kits, what do I actually need

    I've just picked up my TFSI and seen it has the CCZA engine which from doing a bit of reading suggests they are somewhat prone to tensioner failure which can do huge damage to the engine. As I bought the car privately and therefore don't have a dealer warranty (and really don't trust purchased...
  10. Genius

    Is this definitely a quattro?

    Hi Just looking at some A3 TFSI models and have a deal agreed in principle with a private seller... But then I was reading a few threads on here where people have bought quattro models and then later found out it was fwd! Whilst probably a very rare occurrence I guess reading it's just got me a...
  11. Genius

    Hi! Hopefully soon to be new quattro owner here!

    Hi! I've just started the purchase journey and looking to buy my first Audi. I've pretty much decided on the model but any hints or advice redirections to something else appreciated! What I'm looking for is an A3 8p generation sportback, the 2.0 TFSI S -line S-tronic quattro model (damn...