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  1. stamford

    For Sale A6/S6 C5 Avant 4.2 V8 Quattro Tiptronic £1450

    Audi A6/S6 Avant C5 model. 1999. 4.2 V8 Quattro Tiptronic. Circa 300 bhp. Full wide bodied Avant, alloy front wings and bonnet, only found on the V8s. Copy of build sheet, practically an S6 build. Full cream leather electric Recaros. Recent quad exhaust back section. New front brake...
  2. stamford

    Instrument binnacle change-needs programming apparently.

    Went to change my instrument binnacle, old one pixels shot and speedo well out, not the original. Managed to obtain a decent S6 one. Easy swap but immobiliser kicks in. I guess it needs programming? Is this an easy job or expensive if I need specialist tools etc? Hoping there is someone local...
  3. stamford

    Rear suspension part numbers or exploded view-C5 Quattro

    As title. I need to replace some of the rear suspension bushes on my A6 C5 V8 Quattro Avant due to bad vibrations. My local motor factors have their own part numbers but no exploded views to relate the part to the position and don't hold stock. I have no idea what type goes where and the...
  4. stamford

    Pretty bad vibration-A6 C5 Avant 4.2

    last couple of weeks I am getting some bad instances of vibration and shaking. It comes and goes but at its worst feels like the wheels are going to fall off and at low speeds. It is hard to pinpoint the source, just wondering if this has happened to anyone before? Gets worse turning right but...
  5. stamford

    Interior lights not working

    The red door edge lights work, as do the puddle lights but none of the interior lights function. Fuse is okay. Plus has 12v at the fuse but nothing at the roof end, any tips?
  6. stamford

    Central locking issues

    Looking for help with my central locking. Fob locks and unlocks the rears and tailgate, however the drivers door doesn't lock or unlock, I have to use the key. Also the front passenger door won't lock or unlock, I have to push the knob down to lock and pull the handle from inside to unlock...
  7. stamford

    Pointers towards correct wiring harness

    I'm looking for a wiring harness adaptor for my C5 A6, currently fitted with the Nav Plus unit but looking to fit my Pioneer AVH-270BT touch screen double din. Having removed the Nav Plus I found that I needed something that would link the Bose system. The current unit is not that great, FM...
  8. stamford

    Back in the Audi saddle!

    Hello! Finally found my way back to Audi. It's been probably around 24 years since I last owned one. Had 100s, couple of 200 turbos, 3 GT coupes and an 80. One coupe was a full race 2.4 ABT, once a saloon racer. Been through a few phases like Land Rovers but happy to be back to something...