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    MY16 Changes

    Hi guys, Was just wondering is there any changes for the MY16 Audi S1? Just thought would be quite interesting to know if there was any! Many thanks
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    Quattro Rear Spoiler

    hi guys, Does anyone know where or if you can get the Quattro Pack rear spoiler on the S1? The one that looks like a bird lol!:) Can Audi sell them? Or do you guys know of a website or anything! Many thanks
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    Audi S1 and S3 Intake

    Hi guys! Sorry for all the questions! Just wanted to know if a S3 8V induction kit will work on the S1? Near enough identical engines, just wanted to know if they use the same intake? Many thanks
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    Audi S1 Headlights

    Hi guys, Just a quick question, how do you find the OEM Bulbs? What sort of colour are they? How is visibility at night? Do they light up the road at night sufficiently enough? Has anyone upgraded their bulbs? Pictures would be appreciated if available of the OEM ones! Many thanks:)
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    "Youraudi" Troubles!

    Hi there guys! I've got an S1 on order, Build week 48 and I've tried tracking it on youraudi and it says order has not been found. My sales man has shown me the order number many times but still no luck! Could it be because they haven't started building the car? Or Maybe because I just...
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    ORDERED MY S1!!:))

    Hi guys! As you can tell from my title I last week ordered my new Audi S1! I'm new to the forum so looking forward to speaking to a few of you, been looking on here the past couple of days and really helped me getting to know a lot more about the S1. Delivery is before Christmas they told...