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  1. lau06275

    Rough Idle

    Had my car in for it's end of warranty check - no issues, but got the email and asked them to check some things out that I thought were an issue. Potential coolant leak, as I had noted it reducing over time. All checked out fine and had no work done to it. However driving home a day or so...
  2. lau06275

    Whine from rear @ speed

    [emoji23][emoji23] Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  3. lau06275

    Whine from rear @ speed

    Had a quick search through the threads, but couldn't find anything on the 8V forum matching this. Have had my S3 a few months now and have noticed a hum/whine noise that seems to be coming from further back in the car. It only appears when sitting around 60-70mph and disappears beyond 75. I...
  4. lau06275

    Post Pics Of Your A3/S3 8v In Here

    Back to Audi ownership after a few years off. Picked it up about two weeks ago now [emoji16] Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  5. lau06275

    1.8TFSI and 2.0TFSI S3 : Metallic Rustle/Rattle between 1500-3000 rpm

    Just returned to Audi ownership in the last week or so, and so back on the forum. Only noticing it now but I think I have this on my S3 (PFL), and now something I can't unhear. Has anyone managed to get a fix from Audi. Do the clips that are available (Part 06J 145 220 A, by the looks of it)...
  6. lau06275

    Genuine Disc???

    Cheers for the replies, I found a guy selling his 2013 disc (up to date enough for me) for £20 and received that, not tried it out yet. I take it there are no compatibility issues with going from such an old version (2006) to the 2013 version
  7. lau06275

    Genuine Disc???

    Cheers, If you think its too good to be true, it probably is.
  8. lau06275

    Genuine Disc???

    Looking to get an updated RNS-E disc and had spotted this on ebay. Audi RNS-E Navigation Maps 2014 DVD disc West Europe | eBay Not sure if its genuine or not but its cheap Advice ??? Cheers
  9. lau06275

    Audi S3 Car Mats - Help Please

    Havent used Audi Direct, but I get mine from They fitted perfectly into the clips etc. they have various options in terms of thickness and you can choose the colours of the carpet, edges and stitching
  10. lau06275

    Boot light issues

    Just to add to the story for the sake of telling my stupidness. Took out the number plate bulb holder for each side and tested and replaced the necessary led bulb. Managed to lose the screw. Had already taken the boot cover off before I realised it was the prongs. On putting it back on must...
  11. lau06275

    Boot light issues

    Thanks for the reply. One of the bulbs in the led had indeed gone. Other one was just a coincidence the prongs weren't finding the contacts. Must have been knocked about a bit. Brake light was completely unrelated.
  12. lau06275

    Boot light issues

    All Having an issue with the lights on the boot of the car. Not rear beams etc. That are mounted on the car, just the brake lights and number plate lights. I first noticed it the other day when I had a rear right brake light warning flash up which cleared not long afterward. Happened a few...
  13. lau06275

    Help with changing A3 Sidelight Bulbs

    I think I contorted my hand so it no longer resembled a hand, then used my index and middle fingers either side of it as a lever to pry it out. Took a good half hour I think. I may have also removed something from one side as I remember one being harder than the other. Perseverance...
  14. lau06275

    OBD2 Question

    NHN are you still selling them. Will need to get some funds together I think.
  15. lau06275

    OBD2 Question

    I had posted this in the Volkswagen bit but I guess it applies to my A3 also as it will be same system etc. "General query, looking for some info as to what extent you can use OBD2 devices with newish audi/volkswagens. More specifically basically just looking for something to reset the engine...
  16. lau06275

    Vagcom OBD2 query

    General query, looking for some info as to what extent you can use OBD2 devices with newish audi/volkswagens. More specifically basically just looking for something to reset the engine management light. Will OBD2 scanners like the type available on amazon etc. be able to do this or will it have...
  17. lau06275

    AVS Servicing

    Thanks for that. While on the subject, how does the variable servicing work. Is it dependant on Engine speeds etc as well as mileage?
  18. lau06275

    AVS Servicing

    All, Have done a couple of searches through the forum just to find out a bit more about AVS servicing. Mainly, is it purely based on mileage or are there other factors to determine how long until the next service. i.e. magnetic sensors to detect oil quality or any other data used? Since I...
  19. lau06275

    Replacing the small 5W bulb (side light/DRL) on the left side

    I managed to get my hands in for one side, just, to replace it. The other side I just wouldn't bend that way. I used a screwdriver to prise out the bulb assembly from the holder. Gently of course as not to damage the plastic, just takes a bit of wiggling and it does come out. You then should...
  20. lau06275

    Vanity Mirror Lights

    A quick parts questions if anyone can aid me. While replacing all the bulbs in my A3 for LEDs I managed to Snap the front of the vanity mirror bulb holder off.....should have bothered to read the various guides on here that warn against that same thing. Anyway, this part is advertised on ebay...