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  1. phil g

    wheel spacer

    hi all thinking of put 5mm wheel spacers on all 4 corners on my b8 just wondering if my standard wheel bolts will be ok ?
  2. phil g

    tinted rear lights

    hi guys just wondering what your thoughts are on rear light tints anybody done this if so pics please thinking of doing this myself ?
  3. phil g

    re gen

    hi does anybody no how often a re gen can happen or does it depend on your driving journeys
  4. phil g

    Brake calipers - Colour ?

    any thoughts on painting callipers what colour would suit my ibis white a4 b8 black edition ? don't want red !!
  5. phil g

    tail pipes

    any thoughts on painting matt black chrome tail pipes a4 b8 black edition ? anybody done this
  6. phil g

    Tow Bar Hole - Rear Bumper

    can't believe audi don't do a cover for the ugly looking tow bar hole in the back bumper any good suggestion what would look good to cover this A4 b8