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  1. Lion Man

    Limp Mode & Engine/Turbo whine

    Help needed my 2013, 1.6tdi S-Line DSG went into Limp Mode with the Engine Management Light (coil symbol) flashing and a whine from my engine compartment. Managed to make it home on the motorway but the engine lacked power and up hills maximum speed of 40mph luckily heavy traffic on the M1. No...
  2. Lion Man

    Comfort Package - Rain Sensor

    Hi all, I have the comfort package on my SB which includes the following items: - "Comfort package. Includes light and rain sensors, acoustic glass with sunband, rear parking sensors, cruise control and auto-dimming rear-view mirror" On the top of page 61 of the manual it states: - "You can...
  3. Lion Man

    Wet Luggage Compartment

    My 2009 8P SB suffers from a wet boot whenever you open the tailgate after a period of wet weather. On the 8V has this issue been resolved?
  4. Lion Man

    Technology Pack

    Hi, I have ordered a new A3 Sportsback S-Line and I have a question regarding the tech pack. First can someone post some photo's showing the SD cards/DVD slots that are supposed to be located in the glove box. Also does the tech pack include Audi Connect/Google Maps via a Bluetooth connected...
  5. Lion Man

    Wing Replacement

    Hi all, Just had my nearside wing replaced on my 8P/2009 Sportsback after a little disagreement with another car, however I not sure if the bodyshop have missed out some foam blocks/rubber seals. It seems that rain water can enter the engine bay through the bonnet shutline with little...
  6. Lion Man

    Self Levelling Xenon with DRL's Fault

    Hi everyone, I have the self levelling warning light lit on the DIS. The car has just been returned after some bodywork to replace the wing on the passenger which involved the removal and refitting of the headlight and bumper. Does the headlight need resetting in the car management software...
  7. Lion Man

    List Price Discounts

    Last new thread for me tonight. With the credit crunch and falling car sales most dealers are willing to offer large discounts except for Audi who saw the recession coming and decided not to have anything to do with it. What is the maximum discount that people have managed to get from Audi...
  8. Lion Man

    Bluetooth Voice Control

    Audi currently offer two versions of Bluetooth: - Option 1 Mobile telephone preparation – Bluetooth interface. Provides handsfree connection via Bluetooth using mobile phone aerial. Please contact your Audi Centre for phone compatibility Only in combination with Driver's Information System...
  9. Lion Man

    A3 Sportsback Lead Time

    Hi Everyone, new to this can somebody help? I have just recently bought a new MY10 Condor Grey A3 Sportsback S-Line (140 Diesel) with just a few essential options: -:drool: RNS-E Xenons with DRL AMI Vienna Leather Acoustic Parking System Plus Electrically Folding Mirrors Tyre Pressure...