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  1. AudiLad

    Facelift my audi a3

    Hey guys, advice! i have an audi a3 8p, its going into the bodyshop to have some work done on the front, so ive decided while its in il look into having the facelift bumper put on. How easy is this an what does it involve, i.e new grill fog lights etc? mines the sport so it has fogs. thanks ad
  2. AudiLad

    turning off my service light

    Does anyone know how this is done? ive heard a couple of diffrent ways like, holding the milometer reset button for so long with the ignition off and then turnin the key in the ignition for so long et etc etc, I was hoping someone could tell me the correct way to sort this?, thanks
  3. AudiLad

    Loose door handle

    The driverside door handle on my a3 is loose and rattles when i shut it. when i say loose i mean the painted handle cover is loose. Very annoying and i was just wondering if anyone had come across this same problem and if so how do i fix this? Thanks
  4. AudiLad

    HID conversion kits

    dont want to spend a fortune,whats best kit for right money,is 1000k better than say 8000k? whats the diffrence thanks
  5. AudiLad

    Pressed plates

    Does anyone know of the best place i can get them from on the net? so far ive found a pair for £28,will i get them much cheaper than that? tar
  6. AudiLad

    Have ago at this;)

    Put your first name in the first box after the women loads Then put your second name in the second box then click VISULIZER
  7. AudiLad

    Audi warranty

    My car goes in on monday to be looked at,due to the engine managment light being on,i couldnt believe it tho when i rang and spoke to them to arrange the date,that they told me i wasnt entitled to a courtesy car due to me being under 25:mad: ,I have the same warranty as any other customer...
  8. AudiLad

    BBS LM's?

    Has anyone got an A3 8P on this forum with these wheels on,if so could i see a pic,as im concidering them for mine,thanks
  9. AudiLad

    Retro fit xenons,easy?

    How hard is it to fit xenons to my 8P A3?what does it involve? thanks
  10. AudiLad

    Best photoshop to have?

    im in the middle of downloading adobe CS3 currently,what are the best and most straight forward to use,ive never used photoshop before tar
  11. AudiLad

    Chipsaway whats everyones opinions

    got couple little chips on my a3,just wondering do people rate chipsaway?
  12. AudiLad

    is a chip advisable on a 140 TDI

    Would this be advisable,can they do any damage?,anyone had this done on the same engine?,what results can i expect with an average priced chip? tar
  13. AudiLad

    170 TDI chrome exhaust tip

    i have a 140 and it doesnt have the twin chrome tips that my mums old 170 had,but i would like to get hold of 1,were is the best place to get them ive tryed ebay but cant seem to find any genuine audi ones,any ideas? tar
  14. AudiLad

    Orange light on dash

    Orange light has appeared on my dash,i looked in my manual and it says it something to do with emissions,does anyone have any idea what this could be? tar
  15. AudiLad

    Orange light on dash

    hey,i have an orange light that has come on,checked my manual it says its something to do with my emissions,its looks a bit like a tap and its orange,does anyone know wot it is and how to sort it? thanks
  16. AudiLad

    new to audi-sport

    arite,im 19 from liverpool and drive a 2.0 TDI A3,had for about 7 months and love it,i currently have a fault tho,orange light lit up on the dash,read my manual said its something to do with emissions,can any one help? tar